How to become a father : psychological readiness for fatherhood

How to become a father : psychological readiness for fatherhood
You will need:
  • child
  • patience
  • calm
  • psychological help
# 1

News that the couple will soon become parents, on the one hand pleases, on the other - it indicates that it is necessary to prepare for a new life.To newfound father the news of the imminent birth of a baby can cause a storm of joy and anger and even fear.Therefore, the appearance of a child need to prepare gradually.Being a father - not an easy "profession".First of all you must understand that now have to save well.How to become a father-knows everyone, and that's what will happen in the future, guess only a few.Here we are talking not only about finances, but also about some of the usual things.For example, sit with friends near the TV with a beer and loud shouts of "Goal" is now just will not work.After all, so you can not just wake up the baby, but also to scare him.You must be prepared for this and try to find another opportunity to watch your favorite football matches.Newborn man should stay in a relaxed atmosphere.For

him, it is not clear yet where he is and what's happening around.And acquaintance with strangers the first months of life is better to limit.How to register the father, has a very different conversation.

# 2

must be clearly understood that now almost every second night is sleepless.No need to dump all the hassle associated with the child to his wife.It is necessary to help her, because after giving birth a woman for some time is under stress, and that's when she needs support.It is advisable to take the part of the domestic duties.For the first time to deal with the child alone will be difficult.Do not be surprised and what is now a certain part of the budget will disappear.For diapers, juices, purees and other waste require considerable financial costs.Now from the men need to pay more attention to his wife and first child.After all, the little man is very necessary.How to register a child for his father and not do something silly?This does not mean that the newly dad will now be considered only as an assistant and earner.Eventually, all will fall into place, it is necessary only to wait a bit.But that's not all.It is advisable to review your lifestyle.

# 3

Previously, smoking in the apartment was in the order of things, it is now absolutely can not do it.The child should not breathe it all!When the baby gets older and starts already in full crawl on the apartment, it will be necessary to protect it.Remove all the things with the help of which you can get hurt.Simply put, things do not have to be scattered around the apartment!You have to understand that being a father means to take responsibility for another person's life.The main thing is to never question arises as to deprive the father's parental rights.Try to make all the decisions, not only taking into account their own interests!Now all you need to do based on the wishes and the whole family.From now on, his wife and the child should be exclusively in the first place.Do not think that it is hellishly difficult.Over time, all the difficulties with feeding, cleaning and ironing will seem ordinary trifles.The child gradually grows up and will bring joy to their parents.At this point, every father knows that there is nothing in the world better than to raise a baby.