How to build a playpen ?

How to build a playpen ?
You will need:
  • frame
  • mat
  • Colored fabric
# 1

In order to make the arena needs a solid framework that can be made of arches, wood or metalrods.The framework must be an optimum height so that the child could not get out of the arena.You will need a strong net fabric and soft warm pad.Then everything is simple - frame attached to the mat and stretch the fabric.It is necessary to give the free arena and durable, and the kid loved to play in it, and the parents are not worried that the child may be injured.The best way to make an interesting arena for the child - put inside soft padded stools, covered with a thick cloth, and a box of toys.The mat, which serves as the floor of the arena, to be the optimum size to the child was free and comfortable to play in his wonderful house.

# 2

Instead fabric can use plastic lattice, which are easy to buy in any market of building materials.Then the baby will be easier to watch and such walls are stronger.Any frame and the wall should be well polish

ed, that they did not have any gaps or irregularities.Whatever the arena, it should be bright and colorful.It's no secret that the child is less likely wants to sit in a small house, so you need to think carefully how to build an arena and decorate it.Consequently, the arena should be interested in their views of the child.It is better if the walls are depicted animals or some fairy-tale characters, and made windows with opening doors.The main thing that they could not push the child's head.To do this, the windows can be obtyanut soft but strong mesh.

# 3

For newborn babies, many parents prefer to buy a playpen bed.In such a good baby crib to sleep.It's soft and comfortable.The advantage of this arena is that when a child begins to crawl, then it will be convenient for him to play in his first toys.Flexible frame immediately discards the question of how to collect the bed playpen.With the help of this framework is assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes.You have a choice of two-level beds arenas.The first level - for sleeping and one for games.

# 4

Choice arena as a whole depends on the parents, and only they decide to buy it or make your own hands, thereby completely convinced as a small little room for the baby game.Only they know what the arena is suitable for their child, and many give up the arena, relying on its own strength and attention.Therefore, how to choose a playpen for the baby, everyone decides for himself.Children - the most precious thing in life, so it is necessary to provide them with the most comfortable and safe start of their course of life and development.