How to see the turn in the garden ?

How to see the turn in the garden ?
You will need:
  • ticket numbered queue, issued by the district education department
  • individual code obtained by registering online
# 1

child has already turned a half or two years andmom wants to go to work, someone needed money, someone wants to go to the people.And the question arises, why not get a call from kindergarten and are not invited to draw up documents.And then it turns out that all in the garden is not yet reached.How to view all the kindergarten and monitor its progress from the beginning?When mom and dad after the birth of the baby go to the district department of education for raising the child to turn in the garden, they need to take with you the necessary documents, passport and birth certificate.It is advisable to carry a copy of these documents.And upon the registration must take the ticket, which indicates the sequence number and the date of the beginning of a set group of kindergarten.

# 2

The district education department formed lists for admission of children i

n kindergartens in the community, one month prior to the organization of the new flow in the nurseries receive these lists heads of kindergartens.The group gain a certain number of people, and if the child does not turn came, he would take in the next set, and the most offensive, that the next thread can be formed only after a year.It all depends on the situation of security in some places in kindergartens in the region.Control of all the kindergarten is easy, sometimes it is enough to enter the education department and ask about her condition.You can find out in the department, phone number, which can report the correct information.

# 3

In cities where a lot of kindergartens, when registering choose just three closest to the work or to the home garden, the chance of a quick hit in kindergarten increases.In some regions of Russia have to stand in line in the garden and the answer to the question - how to view all in the garden, it is very simple.You just have to increasingly turn to the head of the kindergarten or employee in possession of this information personally or by phone.If the queue in kindergarten slowed considerably and does not move once it is desirable to clarify the causes and do everything possible to rectify the situation.There are two options.The first option - to send a letter to the head of the district department of education or superiors and request to consider in this particular case.The second option - to negotiate with the head of the kindergarten.In the second case could help free aid kindergarten.

# 4

in Moscow and some other regions of Russia have the opportunity to put the child on the waiting list in kindergarten through the Internet.How to enroll in kindergarten through the Internet?To do this, go to the site administration and up.After that, the e-mail address of the applicant will receive a letter in which an individual line code will be listed.With this code, you can from time to time to monitor the situation in the general queue.Between May and August turn can dramatically move forward, so at this time it is desirable to go to the website or calling the Regional Department of Education often.New groups are formed in the summer and the likelihood that the child, if it is more than one and a half years, could fall into one of the nursery groups increases.

# 5

Learn about news and need to call from kindergarten to invite to the first parent meeting was not unexpected.This knowledge will help to prepare the child to kindergarten.It is recommended to bring the child's mode to the mode of the day passed in kindergartens.If the child does not know how to use the potty or eat on their own, it will create more problems in adjusting to kindergarten for him, and it is desirable to teach him this beforehand.Mom must also psychologically to prepare for this event.If the child is under two years old, but my mother wants to give it to the garden, to go to work, the time of entering the job you need to postpone for at least a month.During this time, the child will get used to the garden, and my mother to the new regime of the day.A child is ready for kindergarten in three years, so it's best not to give him into the garden too early, if it is not absolutely necessary.

# 6

puts the child in a place in a preschool institution is better immediately after the birth certificate, so all the gardens will be promoted faster.Each region has its own categories of beneficiaries, except those that are approved for the whole of Russia.In order to get in line as a beneficiary, you need to collect the respective documents and submit them to the District Board.Children whose parents have the benefits fall into the kindergarten without queuing.Unfortunately, for ordinary people, this fact is not very pleasant, because a large number of beneficiaries can significantly push back all.But do not despair, the main thing to keep abreast of, and interested in all the changes and all the news will be good.