How to wean from the bottle : Implications for child

How to wean from the bottle : Implications for child
You will need:
  • nipple
  • fresh air
  • special container
  • sterilizer for microwave
  • support family
# 1

From birth mother loves and protects her babyI am trying to do everything for his comfortable stay in this wonderful world.And first aid - the proposal nipples.But there comes a time when the family is wondering how to wean from the bottle?And then there is a problem with regard to their child's pacifier.You can, of course, just to give a pacifier "Website articles", "mouse", "aunt" or give in "dreamland" in the same small.But better still gradually wean the baby from her.

# 2

So how to give a pacifier, while minimizing its occurrence in the life of the crumbs?You can hide and all requirements to try to divert attention to other objects.Let this be a passing car, jumping cat, flying bird, or just "the sun that smiles at you."Leave a pacifier to fall asleep easily.It is necessary to fill up more often on the street.Fresh air and contribute to calming lull baby without nipples.

# 3

In any case, until the family is quiet struggle for life without the pacifier, do not forget about the simple hygiene.All mothers definitely need to know how often should I change the pacifier?If use it only in emergency cases, the frequent replacement is not necessary.Everything depends on the state of the nipples.For this you need to constantly make sure that she was in a special container and out of reach of children.

# 4

How to handle a pacifier?Before first use, always it is necessary to boil a few minutes.Periodically, the pacifier should be rinsed, if dropped immediately rinse and pour over boiling water.It is necessary to monitor the integrity of the nipples.If you find any damage - subject to mandatory replacement.Some moms specially pierced nipple to let in air and thus more quickly wean from it.

# 5

Today, there are a lot of information about the proper use and care of the dummy.How to boil the pacifier?It is not necessary to wash it just boiled water (especially a new one).Today you can find different ways of treatment - sterilizers for microwave ovens, steamers, or in the usual way - boil water and put it in her nipple for 3-5 minutes without any additives.

# 6

main thing we must not forget about the health and psychological balance of the child.Sometimes, it is not necessary to pick up sharply in his pacifier, a gradual transition will only bring peace of mind for the whole family.Better to distract crumbs.We must not forget that the child is looking for strength in her family.He must see and feel the support in such an important change of his life.And the task of parents to make it invisible to her baby.