How to give your child a pacifier , at what age ?

How to give your child a pacifier , at what age ?
You will need:
  • nipple
  • water
  • utensils for boiling
  • for washing children's accessories
# 1

Every mother will sooner or later decide to use a pacifier to calm herchild.Then, before it raises the question: how to give the baby a pacifier?One of the easiest ways - to put the pacifier in the baby's mouth and gently hold it for a while, so that it does not fall out, and the child is used to it.Remember that some children like latex nipples and others - silicon, some - the usual, and some - orthodontic.So we have to try those, and others to determine which is right for you.

# 2

Giving baby a pacifier is better up to a year, preferably in the first few months.Later, she just is not needed.So, if you have everything worked out, and took the baby a pacifier, it is necessary to deal with another challenge - namely, how often should I change the pacifier?This should be done once a month.Usually, during this time the nipples deformed and sometimes damaged.Therefore it is better to follow the i

nstructions on the packaging.

# 3

It often happens that the nipple falls on the floor or on the ground.In this case, it should be washed with a special detergent for baby supplies, and then pour over boiling water.This procedure is best done multiple times a day to make sure that no germs do not get into the body baby.

# 4

However, knowledge about how to handle the nipple is not enough.It is important to remember that before the first use of a pacifier should be boiled for five minutes.To do this, you need to take some dish, pour the water back, drop a pacifier and put on fire.After that, you can give your baby a pacifier.It is advisable to boil the procedure done once a day.

# 5

So, how to boil the pacifier you know.The most difficult task that requires a lot of patience is weaning the child from the pacifier.Very rarely the children themselves refuse it, in most cases, parents have to use different methods.It is best to explain to the child that he is a big, and that the nipple need more young children.If you have friends with babies, you can ask your child to give him a pacifier.In any case, up to 5-6 years old kid throw a pacifier.

# 6

When, and most importantly how to wean from the teats of their child, the parents decide for themselves.More importantly, that it is not a psychological trauma for the baby.It is better to be patient and wait until he does not.Yet no child went to school with a pacifier in his mouth!