How to choose a pacifier for the baby ?

How to choose a pacifier for the baby ?
You will need:
  • baby
  • Shop with children's accessories
  • small amount of money - about 30 rubles
# 1

First of all, you need to decide is to accustom the baby to the nippleor not.After all, this practice has both supporters and opponents.The first claim that this pedagogical discovery, the second insists on unhygienic and not justified this approach.How to choose the pacifier, the baby suitable in size and adequate for his age?Nipples are classified according to size, depending on the age of the baby.The younger the child, the easier it should be empty.If you want to adjust the bite, you can choose a special ortodontalnuyu nipple.Trying different shapes - round, oval - to stop at the optimal variant for the child.It is easy to understand, as uncomfortable pacifier baby just spit.Most often, children enjoy modern latex nipples.Since sterilize pacifiers have often, before each use, this option is attractive because latex - durable material.

# 2

can also select dummy from silicone - a mat

erial that is similar in quality to the latex.It is worth remembering that the latex pacifiers are made of natural rubber, which makes them more environmentally friendly.Pretty rare in the sale of rubber nipples as they wear out very quickly.Very often, rubber products have a specific, not very pleasant taste, so on them should be abandoned as a child weaned from the bottle and then it will be problematic.Choosing the right product from a piece of rubber or silicone, the baby accidentally swallowed its details.It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of holes in the ground pacifier to the child's breathing is not hindered.The nipples of the solid silicone are not suitable kids who have teething - this material can have a negative impact on their form.The aforementioned ortodontalnuyu, or anatomical, pacifier sucking can be in any position.

# 3

The different anatomical (dental) nipples?Their shape follows the structure of the gums.From the side it is flat language.Because the train to the nipple unusual shape seems a little more complicated, many parents are scared, seeing that their child is "wrong" dental pacifier sucking on the contrary, with the flat side, pinning her to the sky.However, nothing wrong with that, will not affect the shape of the gum method of using pacifiers.Choosing latex nipples, it should be remembered that this material is prone to cracking and will not serve longer than six weeks.And the most important rule - selecting the right nipple, care should be taken to acquire it in a few instances, because the baby will have time to become attached to it, and in case of loss or damage to your favorite dummy made a real tantrum!