How to wear a month-old baby ?

How to wear a month-old baby ?
You will need:
  • child
  • Clothing
# 1

The birth of the long-awaited child - an event of great significance for young parents.But it is a great joy and is usually accompanied by a bunch of problems, issues and things not quite clear.For example, a young mother may wonder: how to wear such a small child for a walk?Normally this question is very concerned about their parents, because the chill of the kid does not want anyone.At the same time, some mothers, fearing this, pull on a month-old baby, "one hundred odezhek" that lead to overheating.In this, too, there is absolutely nothing good, because the baby's skin is very sensitive and sweat irritates her greatly, there pimples and redness.In addition, excessive wrapping the baby leads to disruption of the natural thermoregulation and further frequent colds.

# 2

How is it that the right to wear month old baby for a walk, what to use things?First of all, it is important to remember that the child should wear according to the temperature.If th

e street is hot weather, and the mother goes for a walk T-shirt and shorts, you should not wear a lot of things and for the child.Month baby is quite possible dress in cotton overalls, supplementing it with socks and cap.As for winter, for the newly-born man perfect warm envelope.Modern manufacturers offer great options that are easy and at the same time retain heat very well.Under the cover can be put on a warm suit, such as fleece.

# 3

In principle, it is clear from the above, as a month-old baby to wear in summer or winter.But it is important to remember and something else: such a small child is required to wear only comfortable things.They should only be sewn from natural fibers, not have rough seams and extra elements that can be irritating to the skin of the baby.It is important to pay attention to how the dress thing.For month-old child does not fit T-shirts or tank tops, dress up over her head.The best option will vest, unitard or "bodykit" on the is not necessary to swaddle the baby, as even this kid needed freedom of action that allows to develop faster.

# 4

the street is necessary to periodically check the condition of the baby, to see if his chosen clothes comfortably.If the baby nose grew cold, and the child is worried, then surely it was cool.And if the back and neck were damp, the child, on the contrary, it's hot.Such a situation should be corrected by dressing more suitable clothing, because, as mentioned above, no hypothermia or overheating do not carry with them any good for the baby.Over time, the mother herself will understand how and what better suit the child.

# 5

Thus, to deal with the issue of dressing month-old baby is quite simple.The main thing to remember - this is the importance of matching the outside temperature clothing.In the heat of the baby should be putting things easy, but winter should take care to preserve heat.