How to alter the tale : creative ideas

How to alter the tale : creative ideas
You will need:
  • Imagination
  • peace of mind
  • flow condition
# 1

Tales peoples of the world are very popular and loved by all.But he grew up, for some reason we stopped seeing in them what they saw as a child.Adults, unlike children, they see the world through a perceptual filter, ie. E. The mind.The child sees everything for what it is, and draws the imagination of his paintings.It is not important to know the value of all the words, and it does not matter how they are arranged in the text, he sees images of himself and puts them in a single picture.Of course, important is the narrator, and then, in what mood he narrates.How to convert a story known to every child, but for an adult it becomes a problem, t. To. The age creative thinking is lost.If your child begins to invent himself a fairy tale characters, or its termination, do not resist it, play with it.Let it develops their imagination to dream in a small age is very useful for proper brain development.In the future, children will not

have problems in school, with such complex subjects as mathematics.The child will begin to see just the right solution, without thinking where it comes from.And in fact, all of this comes from the imagination.

# 2

How to create a story for their baby?If you are bumbling narrator, practice writing.This can be done on both the computer and by hand.We must come to the right state of mind, to get rid of thoughts.You can do this under the soft music flute.When you're ready to write the first sentence.No matter what it is, the main thing to start, and then the story will be very like a ball of the famous fairy tale.In the space of options already contain all the stories, they just need to see and to write or express.And do not think about how to end stories, remember the "1000 and 1 night".In this whole affair and that a ball that can be endless.

# 3

Speaking (or writing in a notebook) their tales, you are on my experience can be sure that it can take a long time, as long as you do not decide to finish it.Remember one simple rule: no matter what you're talking about, it is important as well as in the name.Thus, you do not need to wonder how did the fairy tale, and who is its author.The tale and the narrator can not be separated from each other and are one.Every fairy tale, even if it is told a particular person, over time, has acquired other stories and speculation subsequent storytellers.Something was missing, and instead added a new event.

# 4

So, do not worry about how to finish the story, let the story flow like water in a river.Unleash your imagination and remember that no one verse, story or picture is not written according to the formula.The tale must be alive and always changing, to adapt to the specific time and situation.Successful stories, dear friends, maybe that's one of you get a good storyteller.