How to handle the nipple : sterilization

How to handle the nipple : sterilization
You will need:
  • nipple
  • child
  • boiling
  • sterilizer
# 1

It is very important before the first application, and during use, handle pacifier.It can be steamed, it needs to hold a pacifier over boiling water.Also, for the treatment, you can use a double boiler.But now sell special sterilizers.The electric sterilizers used UV lamp, which kills all germs reliably.Also, there are steam sterilizers by microwave.They are easy to use.Methods, tells you how to handle a pacifier, a lot, most importantly do not forget about the sterilization, it affects the health of the child.

# 2

most ancient and reliable method for sterilizing the nipple - is boiling.To treat nipple steam necessary to boil the amount of water to lower the nipple and boil for 3-5 minutes.Further, the forceps to pull the pacifier and put out to dry.This method can be boiled nipples with plastic parts.But there's nipples, which can not be boiled, eg nipple thermometer, so buying a pacifier, it is necessary to ask the seller how

to boil the nipples and, in general, whether it is possible to boil those that stopped choice..

# 3

Dummy - the first mother's helper, but when a question arises before every parent how to wean the child from the nipples.First you need to restrict access to the nipple, for example, be given only to the child fell asleep, or for a walk.Dentists recommend to remove the pacifier from baby items to the year, otherwise it will spoil the child bite, will make his teeth crooked and corrupt it.The most interesting way is this: if the baby is already walking, you have to hang the pacifier on the wall so that he could get it, even if he comes and sucks, but it will not be the same as it always stand near the wall, because a lot of interesting things in the world!

# 4

All newborn babies sucking reflex prevails.So, how to give the baby a pacifier?First you need to think about it, so if it is needed.But if the question does not arise, then you first need to choose the right nipple.They are different: latex, rubber and silicone.Also, different in size, age, and forms.So the choice is made, then you need to boil the nipple and give the child a better after eating or sleep.But if the child is breast-fed, you have to be careful with the nipples, because he can give up the breast.

# 5

pacifier need to constantly check for cracks, tears, deformations.Upon detection, it is necessary to replace the nipple to prevent swallowing a child of any of its parts.Pacifier without damage should be changed every one to two months.But almost every package with a pacifier, there are instructions for use, so it is best to stick to writing.How often should I change the pacifier - it's the parents, but the basic safety measures must be followed.Thus, the nipple can become an assistant to parents, if you listen to all the advice above.