How to be a good mother to the child ?

How to be a good mother to the child ?
You will need:
  • Leisure
  • Love to
  • child Respect for
  • baby Trust in
  • child
# 1

Prior years old, each baby is formed by the basic confidence in the world, which is very important constant communication with my mother.A child who receives less attention in the future may be more pessimistic, it will have low self-esteem, and he can not trust the outside world.In the life of every mother will sooner or later have to make a choice: children or work.Naturally, if there is a possibility, it would be nice to be with a baby at least up to 2 - 3 years, ex.But if so add up the circumstances and the need to go to work, try to at least the weekend to spend with the baby and not processed during the week if possible.If a mother loves her child, she will be with him for a walk, watching and fooling around, talking, and not just to drive the arm to the kindergarten or to wash it before bed.

# 2

course will be fine, if the parents of the child is always in a good mood, but in life there are a variety

of situations.If the father and mother of scandals baby is starting to feel, even if it is not a witness to the event.In such a situation, it is better to swear and to put up with the baby than not talk to each other and sarcastic to each other.In the course of an argument you must always keep himself under control.It should also be remembered that the mutual insults should not be, we should not use the language, because the child learns everything quickly, and also will come in conflict resolution.If there was a quarrel in the family, put up with the spouse is required in the presence of a child.

# 3

Next I would like to tell you how to be a good mother, if the day to play with the baby no time, and in the evening fatigue.In no case, do not force yourself to such actions.If fatigue knocks down and thought in mind mainly on how quickly sleep, ask her husband to play with the baby.Or the easiest way to come up with a game that your child can play himself.This will only keep an eye on him.In the matter of how to be a good mom, and it is important to follow the diet baby.From the power of the child's health will depend.Before serving, be sure to read the product composition.Keep in mind that everything should be natural.

# 4

When communicating with your baby, always try to talk on equal terms.No need to infringe on his rights.It is also important to always ask his opinion in any important situation for you.The children should be consulted when the question concerning him.For example, in the store prior to purchase toys to find a child, what a thing he liked.The kid is very important to understand that my mother respected his opinion and treats it as an independent person.

# 5

is advised as possible often have family in the evening.At this point it can be something to do together.This is a great opportunity for confidential conversations.After such nights the child can be treated confidentially to parents.In this case, you can ask your child to talk about what happened in his life interesting.Also, do not miss an opportunity to talk about his hobbies.The child must feel that it is really important to you.

# 6

mother should praise the child often, but if it is angry, it is only in the case.The constant "no" and "no" can cause the baby denial and stress.The interests of children should be encouraged as much as possible and try not to tie their personal, according to the principle: Mom knows more.In education it is important to be flexible.Many mothers are between the need to adhere to the necessary rules and a desire to make concessions for the child.There is flexibility, because every rule has an exception.At the same time it is necessary to explain why it is necessary to make such a deviation from the norm.In this way you can teach a child and flexibility in solving any problems.In the future, it will be easy to adapt to change, without losing respect for the rules and certain restrictions.

# 7

Since childhood, the child needs to inculcate a sense of beauty.Starting from the original room, books, clothing and finishing.If your family is financially secured, the kid deserves to dress up no less well than their parents.Also worth and give yourself time to rest, because the baby's upbringing not a simple matter.It is possible to explain in a good child, that mother should relax, or do some work and some time later she comes back.So the kid will understand that there are moms and their needs, and he will not put himself in the center of the universe.However, no scandals, cries should not be.

# 8

Whatever the commandments and the classic rules of education was not invented, but if the mother is not able to prepare your child to the seriousness of the situation, his life will be difficult and full of dangers.A really excellent mother should try to instill in your child at least three qualities that are very necessary for a successful adult life.It is the responsibility, resourcefulness, ability to cope with difficulties.To do this as a child to give the child more independence.You may want to spend a bad mother, which allows your baby to fall, stumble, make mistakes.There is nothing wrong if the child can learn to look at his feet, to answer for their actions, and in a difficult situation does not fall in spirit, and he will always find a way out.It is necessary to expand the scope of the freedom of the baby.

# 9

If a family has one child, it is difficult and painful to admit that the mother is tied to one of them much stronger.This is quite normal and is said to analysts, it is inherent in almost all parents.Thus it is necessary to try with each child to be equally demanding, caring and gentle.No need to avoid injustice.It will be important that each child felt important and loved.In such a case, and resentment, and competition will not be able to poison the life of the family.