How to send his son to the army ?

How to send his son to the army ?
You will need:
  • cafes
  • decorations
  • script holiday
# 1

tradition to arrange festive farewell to the army appeared in the Soviet era, when military service was an integral part of lifeevery guy.Serving in the army was prestigious, so sending a matured guy in the first independent school of life, parents and elders gave recruit valuable advice and were proud of the fact that the state has awarded this honor their child.To date, serve in the army, young people are not particularly eager, but the wires are arranged for each inductee.And in order that they do not become the usual booze you need to think in advance how to organize interesting and fun meal.If the recruit's family lives in an apartment and capacity for many guests convenient and comfortable there, it is best to use the services of the nearest cafe.It is necessary in advance to inform all invited, and where seeing take place in the army, to which it is desirable to hour all assemble in a certain place.Read the menu and book a tabl

e, as is necessary in advance.If the cafe is not a live musical accompaniment, you can also adjust the repertoire that is closest to both recruit and present guests.

# 2

For people living in the private sector, to send his son to the army noisy, fun and festive, it will be much easier.Most often during the conscription period, the weather is good and the tables can be served directly in the fresh air, the only thing you need to pay attention to on the day of the wires are not weather forecasters promise rain.But even if the weather is not to please his grace, we can build a tent, thus protecting not only the feast of the rain, but also from the sun.Decorate the venue of the festival should be thematically.To do this, fit balls, flags, garlands of flowers, but in a central location will look good all kinds of posters with cartoons on the theme of military life, anecdotes and winged phrase from the movie.You can also make a collage dedicated to it recruits.Using photoshop young fighter can be represented in the higher rank or in comic situations, with a collage can be supplemented with the wishes of friends and relatives.

# 3

About to seeing in the army have not turned into a simple drunkenness, the evening also need to organize, think about contests and fun in advance.If someone from friends or relatives will assume the duties of Toastmasters, preferably pre-compile the script in the evening and think through the major competitions, prizes and decorations.If such a person is not there, then come to the rescue of any professional organizer of various events, which will discuss with parents the recruit all the important details of the event.Inviting guests from different generations, we must take into account the interests and preferences of all ages, it concerns music and contests.Seated guests as needed so that all feel cozy and comfortable, surrounded by each other.Hero for the day to sit at the head table, next to him, parents and closest friends.Be sure to enable all present to express their wishes and parting words.

# 4

Contests should also be thematic.For example, you can spend a comic course the young fighter.For this contest invited himself inductee and friends who served and not served in the army.All undress to their underwear and lie down in a makeshift bed, then at the command "Rise!"Ignited a match and while it burns need to have time to get dressed and put on shoes.You can peel the potatoes on the crawl speed and the obstacle.Thus, all the guests and parents of the recruit, watching this action, you can get a full sense of what a son in the army already is.At the end of the evening you can arrange a real fighter trimming as a ritual farewell to youth sometimes taking up the path of a real man, a defender of the motherland.Friends and relatives can make the case and necessary gifts to the young soldier, who will remind you of home, friends and pore carefree youth.The fighter can teach personal cup with a picture of friends and family.Warm knitted socks, are warm in the cold season and to recall the warmth of home.A large pack of empty envelopes to remind the soldier that he is expected to news not only parents and friends, but also a girlfriend.

# 5

Throughout the evening, it is desirable to film or take pictures of the most interesting subjects.Then you can make a movie or a video of the photos, which will transfer all of the holiday atmosphere.This film can give a young soldier to take an oath to fun memories served him support in a difficult time of performance of duty.Just a reminder in the form of photos and video, can greatly facilitate everyday parents who would be glad to return his son home.