How to boil the pacifier ?

How to boil the pacifier ?
You will need:
  • water
  • Kettle
# 1

perennial problem of mothers who have very young children - a pacifier.Not only do they fall all the time on the floor or another surface is dirty, inhabited by millions of harmful bacteria, so also in no hurry to leave the baby with them.What to do?Here come to the aid of the simple but effective ways.In the fall, you can simply rinse with boiling water and a pacifier to the baby again.Or disinfect it by means of the sterilizer, the pan with water.Option with water is much easier, as you can even boil pacifiers away.On the whole sterilization procedure takes 10-15 minutes depending on the material of construction of the dummy.Its essence lies in the fact that the nipple is lowered into the boiling water completely and remains there for 4-5 minutes.

# 2

Many kids are very fond of his pacifier and do not want to leave them up to the s-years (although the optimal age to stop this hobby is considered 1 year - 1.5 years).And because many mothers are inter

ested in advance how to wean the child from the nipples.There are many ways tested by many parents.However, it is necessary to choose, taking into account peculiarities of the child's character.For example, some agree with the baby and throw together a pacifier in the trash.Someone loses a walk, someone gives a homeless pet or someone smears mustard and makes a hole in the nipple, and someone digs into the ground and asks the fairy to give.You can come up with something of their own, the main thing that the desired effect was achieved.

# 3

In general, I must say that there are many opponents to accustom the baby to empty.They are based on the fact that such an accessory can spoil the bite can lead to an incorrect formation of speech, as well as changes the manner of taking the child or the breast disaccustoms it.But the subject is still indispensable sedative, so it is important to know how to give the baby a pacifier properly for millions of children.It recommended to give the baby a pacifier sterilized after a meal, in the event of difficulty in falling asleep, or painful sensations in the stomach.It is also necessary to remember that this accessory is not eternal, and need to know how often should I change the pacifier?Preferably after active use within 2-3 months, because as far as wear and tear on the material of the nipple widen pores and it becomes cloudy, it means that the dummy is damaged.Thus, virtually all the questions, including how to give a pacifier properly, how to handle the nipple or when to wean a baby from the habit, most often solved individually, depending on the methods of education and mother's preference.