Why is it important to know how were a fairy tale?

Why is it important to know how were a fairy tale?
You will need:
  • Russian folk tales
  • copyrights tales
# 1

Probably not in the world a man who would never read a fairy tale!They bring us from infancy.Being quite crumbs, we listen to them at night, and as an adult telling them yourself.Anyway, from early childhood to old age we accompany these magical tales.Tale - a wonderful world full of dreams and fantasies, but with it we can travel to children's happiness and serenity.

# 2

great to make a piece of a miracle in the treasury of fairy tales!To do this, just need to create your own story.The world of fairy tales is very diverse, and it will tell us how to write a fairy tale.First you need to consider the system of characters.In fairy tales, there is usually no half-tones, so all the characters are divided into positive and negative.Certainly in the history should attend the hero himself, his assistant, the sender, the villain, the donor.Think of actors from the good old fairy tales (The Gingerbread Man, Ivan Tsarevich, Goldfish, Spec

kled Hen), or create your own, no one else like character.

# 3

To a child, holding my breath, listening to the story, first of all, you need to know - how to tell a story.Tune into a "fairytale" atmosphere and feel a certain mystique is very easy to extinguish this light in the room, light scented candles.Read should be quiet and slow intonation releasing tense moments, making the necessary pauses.Be sure to read the end of the tale, emphasizing that good triumphs and evil and injustice will always be defeated.Tales show unobtrusive positive example for the child, as well as instill love of the Russian word.

# 4

How to start a fairy tale?Rely on classical composition of folk tales: the exposure (ie, due to which there was a difficult situation or a ban); intonation (detection of problems, violation of the prohibition); plot development (search output resolution of the current situation), the climax (the fight with the villain, the battle forjustice); isolation (problem solving, finding lost) .Chasche just begins the tale with the words "Once upon a time .." or "in a certain kingdom, in a state ...", that is, with information about the main characters.To create a fairy-tale world do not forget to use hyperbole (exaggeration), antithesis (opposition), threefold repetition.

# 5

Both adults and children love to read fairy tales.But not everyone knows how to appear tales.Their history is very, very old.The author of the first fairy tales were people, they come up with collectively and passed from mouth to mouth, constantly being transformed in the process of retelling.We have heard the most popular folk tales.Such as "Ivan - a peasant's son miracle - Judaic", "Goat Boxthorn", "A man and a gentleman" and many others.Collecting of folklore samples studied ANAfanasiev, who released eight collections of Russian fairy tales.

# 6

tell stories to their children - the duty not only to mothers.Everyone knows that the baby is especially important for the father's authority.Therefore, the Pope must know not only how to assemble the siphon sink or repair broken furniture, but also on how to please a new baby, a fascinating history.Be sure to read fairy tales for children, because it is a small miracle that heals our souls.