How do you know whether you have any children?

How do you know whether you have any children?
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Despite the fact that you can meet the girls today, which obviously do not want to procreate, to spoil the shape and give a significant part ofits time to care for the child, in any case, maternal instinct in most of them prevails.Almost every time, at some point asks: how do you know whether I have children?It is interesting that a few hundred years ago, almost no one thought about it, but to date, this issue has become one of the main.The reason for this lies in the fact that, as if it was not sad, but every second today suffer from infertility and deprived of the opportunity to experience this indescribable feeling.A number of issues such as when to give birth to what the consequences, opportunities, risks, it is quite normal for the female population.

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In any case, every girl before it awoke this feeling should be aware of since birth, she gives life, and for this, we must first take care of yourself, your health.Before you know whether you have c

hildren, you need to do the most simple and basic method - a full medical examination.Despite the fact that the window 21, the Russians still lag behind foreign citizens.Almost every girl living abroad, a medical examination of the body at least every six months.A visit to the gynecologist, in this survey, is in the first place.It is possible that at the initial stage of forming the body of a woman may have are any deviations, which subsequently lead to a sad diagnozu- infertility.Find and fix these flaws can only be a specialist at the moment of their appearance.But as you know, the majority of Russian women seeking help to a gynecologist only when the problem is already in the last stage of development.

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Motherhood - not only God's gift, but also personal attention for themselves.Even if the sad diagnosis is made after the inspection, do not despair: we know a great number of cases, when a woman could get pregnant even after a diagnosis of infertility.No matter how strange and funny, but in order to get an answer to this question, you can go to a fortune.In any case, from this campaign can not lose anything.Optionally, ask at once: I'm your mother?You can just ask for their future family, spouse, children.But in any case, it is necessary to bear in mind that the response should not be used as a guarantee that the mother can be and do not need to make any effort for it.It is also a very effective way since ancient times believed palmistry, because the arm of any person recorded all the main thing in his life, including children.Therefore, you can just buy the book and found it procreation line.It should be noted that even on the Internet there are lots of sites where sufficient detail described this line on the hand.

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If a woman wants to become a mother in a rather advanced age, it is not surprising that for this purpose it would need a lot of effort.The most active and normal period in order to give birth to a child is between the ages of 18 to 28 years.As you know during this period of time the woman's body is set up to ensure that she could give birth without any consequences.Therefore, it is possible that a woman who for 30 or 40, referring to the doctor to hear that her children be too late.In fact, this is true only from the point of view of danger for most patients.If a complete examination, get tested, you can easily be confident that the child not only to be born healthy, but the mother will feel perfectly.After all, the world knows a great number of cases, when a woman gave birth to her first child after 50 years.

# 5

If a medical examination showed that the body is healthy girl, she can have children, you still need to watch your zdorovem.Prichinoy infertility in recent years it becomes careless attitude to the women themselves.Alcohol consumption for the same men are not as dangerous as it is for women.Alcohol action destroy the cells responsible for procreation.When alcohol is consumed regularly, it can destroy the whole organism.The same risk applies to smoking and drugs.If a girl will look after themselves, the risk of infertility decreased by 80%!The most important thing is not only to become a mother, but also give your unborn baby's health.