How to make a girl beautiful hair , braid plait ?

How to make a girl beautiful hair , braid plait ?
You will need:
  • Comb
  • Simple gum hair - 2 pcs.
  • Decorative scrunchy
  • Electric curlers
# 1

hair for girls - an indicator of female beauty and elegance, but for the child important factor is the convenience and practicality of hairstyles, so she has not collapsed from the active movements of the baby andI cleaned the hair from her face.How to make a girl beautiful hairstyle and at the same time meet all of its needs and age requirements?First you need to decide on the destination of hairstyles, because it can pick up on any occasions.Tails.The most common and versatile hairstyle - tail.She will gain if mothers little time to create the image of a daughter, and a variety of options for the execution of the tail allow to experiment with the height, number and location.Not the least role in creating the image of hairstyles play for hair accessories.Classic tail can be refined and original, if you decorate it with beautiful barrette as a bright flower or tie unusual scrunchy.

# 2

How to make a girl a good hairstyle, without having special skills of hairdressing?In fact, an unusual and luxurious hairstyle for matinee or other celebration is easy to do using simple elements.You must collect the hair into a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band at the base.Now weave braid, leaving a small strand free.Screw Spit "bun" and fix invisible.The remaining strands to wind using forceps hair.Garnish with decorative bow hair, and on her head, the girl will be impressed by a festive hairstyle.

# 3

How to braid plait girl hairstyle that did not seem boring and monotonous?This option provides a variety of ways of weaving: French braid, spike, African braids.It is possible to weave two symmetrical braids, and then tighten them around the base, make French braid on one side of the head or weave "rim" of the hair.Classical straight braid will look smart if woven into her bright ribbons and slightly stretch the arms, giving volume pryadyam.Dlya create beautiful children's hairstyles it is not necessary to have long hair.Different hairstyles for little ladies may be a great option, giving the young princess charm and charm.