How to prepare your child to the dentist : first visit

How to prepare your child to the dentist : first visit
You will need:
  • Children's toothpaste
  • Brush
  • ukolchiki
# 1

To prepare your child to the dentist, you need to teach him how to take care of your mouth, constantly brushing teeth properlyand to go to the dentist only for inspection and prevention.Pre start talking about visiting the doctor.In a playful way to tell that it is important that teeth are healthy and not sick.You can even play the game: dentist mom, baby - the patient.And to show how the process will take place.After the visit, discuss what good you can do together: buy a gift, watch your favorite cartoon.That can be a little hurt, too, it must be said, that kid is not afraid of my feelings then.

# 2

Many dentist causes unpleasant emotional states.But at the same time, all are well aware that if the tooth hurts, you have to go, otherwise there can be such a pain that will have to climb the wall.In modern medicine, use a variety of painkillers, and so overcome the fear of the dentist much easier.Prick done and remains to rel

ax and two hours to sit with your mouth open.Not very convenient, but the teeth are healthy and have no pain in the mouth.

# 3

To understand how not afraid of the dentist, you need to honestly answer me: why there is a fear of it.Then it is easier to deal with this fear.If fear of pain prevents the visit, you need to go to the doctor and just talk and ask about pain relief methods to talk about fears.The main thing - to find a good doctor you can trust.Some feel ashamed to go to this doctor.We need to think about what is to be ashamed of your teeth will come in such a bad state that will soon be ashamed of nothing, there will be only the pain of the holes encountered in the mouth.2-3 visits, and shame pass.

# 4

How to overcome fear of the dentist, if afraid to go, as will remove all his teeth.If the start and did not pay attention to the pain and occasional spitting of blood, they all accurately removed.But it is not necessary to admit to such a state.The more time passes, the less chance of success in the treatment.Therefore it is better to go once a year for preventive treatment than cure in five years, the entire mouth.And cheaper and not so scary.

# 5

Going to the dentist is not cheap, so you first need to choose a doctor, who can be relied upon to consult on the painkillers and the treatment itself.Cease to fear the dentist is not difficult after that.The main thing at the right day to tune in to a positive result, and boldly go to the dentist.And then the teeth are healthy, beautiful and prevention in doctor visits will reduce to a minimum refer to it.