How to prepare your child for the appearance of the baby ?

How to prepare your child for the appearance of the baby ?
You will need:
  • Photos
  • Patience
  • Preparing for an interview
  • conversation with a toddler
# 1

Once you find out about the pregnancy, you need to take care of that, soyour older child had a nanny.She may be a grandmother, a sister, or a specially trained person.This measure is necessary becauseyou might have to lie on the preservation of the fruit in the hospital, and this time the older child will need someone's care.If you previously taught his son or daughter to the babysitter, your absence will not cause the child psychological trauma.

# 2

If your child is small, do not tell him about the pregnancy, once localized.The child does not have the patience to wait for the brother or sister.If the time has come the way to prepare the child for the appearance of the baby?You need to make sure that the older child want the appearance of the baby in the family.So when lade child limit, do not give him a reason to think that all this is happening because of the baby in the abdomen.For examp

le, do not say if you can not take an older child in her arms that cause is pregnancy.It is better to say that now you are often sore back or abdomen.

# 3

It should avoid phrases such as "you should ..." or "you have to ..." it will repel the eldest child of the youngest.Nobody, not even an adult, does not make very willingly what he "should".Teach your child to love the baby.You can do this type of words: "you are lucky, not every child has a brother or sister" or "now you will be one," etc.It is also important that the child was not covered with a variety of information.Talk with your child about the future of the crumbs a little, but do it often.

# 4

in how to prepare your child for the birth of a second baby, you will also help the right attitude and the older and the younger child.If you buy things for the younger, then you need to explain to the older child, a newborn that also need clothes, just as there is in him.

# 5

If you are buying gifts for the future baby, then do not forget that a child who is older and in need of love, and it also needs gifts.If your eldest child does not feel left out, it will be easier to love their youngest family member.

# 6

realistic to explain older child how baby behaves.Says he cries, needs attention, he sucks mother's breast, it can only reassure my mother warmly.Tell your child that when he was born, it had the same needs.Show him the photos, where he was tiny and my mother hugs and kisses him.