How not to get irritated at the child ?

How not to get irritated at the child ?
You will need:
  • Compromise
  • Self
  • Fatigue
# 1

How not to get annoyed at the child when he does not listen and show your character?This is a fairly complex process that requires parents peace of mind, regardless of the situation.Ability to solve conflicts between children and parents - it's aerobatics, which will be needed for the trick, will power and, of course, love.Psychologists say that change the nature of the child - is a Sisyphean labor, sooner or later manifest itself in nature.Therefore, we recommend gently customizes children in the right way, and to do this, first the parents need to review their approaches and views on the educational process.Finding a compromise, stressful situations can be avoided or easily resolve them.So, how to get rid of the irritation?

# 2

First of all, you need to look at your child as a person, which has all the feelings and their manifestations similar to adults, but if the requests "slow down" child inflamed even more worth to withstand time an

dcool to explode.You can drink tea, browse your favorite book or magazine, after calm to analyze the situation and try to find a way out of it.In no case can not be right to consider themselves bad parents, because the manifestation and anger, and pride in the child - it's a natural reaction to the psyche.And the ability to cope with such manifestations of character - it is a long and hard work, self-knowledge and self-improvement.

# 3

How not to get irritated at the child after a difficult weekdays, when the child does not want to understand that parents are tired?We must act on the principle of "wedge - a wedge", introducing the baby to the concept of "fatigue", attracting force of the child in the household chores: help with cleaning, washing, preparing food, with everything where it can handle.After that should be followed by an offer to read a book, tell a poem, sing a song, etc.It is possible that after the work on the farm child expresses a desire to relax, not to carry out the request of a parent, here and appropriate explanation of the model bad behavior of the child, in a situation where mom or dad - tired, but it requires a raised voice his.The need to combat irritation necessarily bear fruit in a family reign peace and mutual respect.The main thing - to appreciate and love their children, because the understanding you need to learn!