How to help a child survive a divorce ?

How to help a child survive a divorce ?
You will need:
  • psychologist
  • Help close
  • desire to help
# 1

As noted by psychologists, each child even before the divorce of parents feel that something is going wronglike before.It was at this time in children may be a nervous tic or decrease performance in school.First of all this kind of change notice of the teacher and literally start to sound the alarm.

# 2

primarily to avoid any such situation, psychologists are strongly recommended to talk to a child to both parents.They should explain that the relationship simply outlived their usefulness, and now Mom and Dad will live separately for a while.On the other hand the parents to understand how to go through a divorce, we must recognize their responsibility for any injury they cause to the child and decide what to say about divorce softer.

# 3

In addition, the child must understand that his parents still love just their relationship for a while stopped.It is important to note that in any case when a child can not say that mom

or dad is bad.Then your offspring may develop a stereotype, and he does not want to communicate with parents.

# 4

Some parents do not know how to help a child survive a divorce and in this situation choose to seek the assistance of a qualified psychologist.Indeed, the specialist can help deal with this problem, but only for a while.Subsequently, the parents must continue this work psychologist.

# 5

excellent option is considered to be the fact that, for example, if the child remains with his mother, she asks him for help to help her live.Thus, the baby becomes aware that he is not superfluous in this situation and really need.In this case, the child begins all their emotions and feelings creatively implement.

# 6

In turn, the parents should try to keep each other exceptionally friendly relations, to once again not to injure the psyche of the child.From a spouse who leaves the family, in turn, should make it clear that it takes more than ever, and the kids can at any time count on it.