How to spend the holidays with your child ?

How to spend the holidays with your child ?
You will need:
  • find out the wishes of the child
  • Create
  • plan Leisure time
# 1

After months of studying the child so want to take a break from heavy school load and time, soas you want it.Often, school-age child knows exactly what he would like to do on vacation.Of course, you can sit at home watching TV or playing computer games.

# 2

Nobody canceled cartoons and toys, but the young student body often needs more useful and active pastime.Good idea - bring their child to nature.It can be a trip to the country where you can relax, take a walk in the forest, swim (if it's summer) and get some air.

# 3

How to spend a vacation in nature, if there is no opportunity to go to the country?There are many holiday homes, which are located in the beautiful and ecologically clean suburban areas.It is also within the boundaries of the city itself, there are numerous beautiful parks and gardens, where you can ride a bicycle, roller skates, play ball, run and a walk with their parents or friend


# 4

In addition, the child will be interesting to see exactly Zoo (even if it was already there), an amusement park or a circus.During school holidays, in theaters and concert halls are various children's performances and plays, and in theaters necessarily comes a new cartoon or a movie for the whole family, so will not have difficulties in how to spend the holidays with your child.

# 5

To expand human horizons and for instilling a sense of beauty it is required since childhood led him to museums, exhibition halls and art galleries.During the holidays it is especially popular to hold interesting exhibitions, where you can go with family and friends, and that will interest even the youngest students.

# 6

Finally, you can just go with the child for a walk around the city to see the main streets and the architecture and go to a cafe.Parents should remember that a child should spend the holidays as much as possible more fun, more interesting and more active, because he did not just get a new life experience, but also in the future, or a quarter of the school year he will have the desire to learn productively.