How to determine the nature of the child - a girl ?

How to determine the nature of the child - a girl ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Time
  • Attention
  • Observation
# 1

If your family grows up a little kid, you already need to follow up with an early age of his character.After all, it depends on your child's future life.According to scientists and psychologists person's character is formed in a small age, and in most cases has remained unchanged throughout life.

# 2

In this case, each parent should follow the emerging nature of your child, especially if it's a girl, because their future depends on the nature of any details.First mom and dad should pay particular attention to the pictures of his daughter, as they have much to tell and show the child's character.

# 3

But many parents do not know how to determine the nature of the child according to his drawings.In fact, according to child psychologists is very simple.If your daughter is drawing animals, people or nature, then it indicates that the baby is developing properly, and thus formed a good-natured character.

# 4

Even better, her smile painted images - it characterizes it as a fun and cheerful person, ready to help people in difficult situations.But if the child begins to represent something weird and strange figures, it signs of aggression, which in future will play a sad role.Worst of all, if a girl is drawing stiffness and bloodlust - it shows its problems by itself.

# 5

not unimportant factor in determining the nature of the girl is the choice of colors, which she paints on paper.So, if your child's drawings dominated mostly gray tones, the nature of the child is passive, it is usually expressed timidity and reticence.The blue color characterizes the child as calm and balanced person.

# 6

Black shows an internal stress toddler who could be caused by anything the conflict.Yellow characterizes a person as a creative person.The red color indicates that the baby is good, he is cheerful and fun.Many argue that the nature of the girls can be identified by their eyes.

# 7

If a child has big eyes, then most likely it will become a leader in life.small size of the eye usually gets the child a balanced and peaceful life.Small eyes characterizes a child as a cunning, secretive and angry.Deep-set eyes indicate that the child may become violent and jealous.