How to praise your child?

How to praise your child?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • desire to properly educate a child restraint
  • Moderation
# 1

child needs praise only when he really deserved this praise.Do not throw words just like that, trying to win her child.After all, the result of such praise is very unexpected.If parents expect respect for themselves after that, then actually getting intolerable behavior of their offspring, who believes that even if he bullies him all exactly will crack up.

# 2

no need to praise the child for what he is obliged to do so, like everyone else.He should be aware that there are many on the nature of skills incorporated: to dress themselves, brush their teeth, to eat, to wash, etc.Should it be confusing so misplaced praise?

# 3

If you regularly praise simply because the child will do something just for the nice words about him.But he has to learn that there are things that he is obliged to perform, even if his praise for it's not going to.Therefore, to grow a good person, you need to know how to pr

aise the child and how wrong.

# 4

should not express their praise, awarding prize money for anything.Otherwise, what he did before the heart, I will continue to do it for the money.This promotion will change the thinking of the child forever, and it will be more likely to seek financial gain, rather than pleasure from any cause.

# 5

is necessary to learn how to look up words of praise for the child to make their own conclusions about yourself and your abilities.It would be better if you say during the praise that he coped with a difficult task.And then he concludes that he is strong, brave, kind and intelligent.

# 6

How to praise the child if he is to do something better than others?Witnesses to this should not be.Harmful to praise the child, putting him up as an example to others.This method should not be used for not only children, but even adults.Since such praise discourages doing something in the future.And the one who set an example to all, developing the selfish spirit.

# 7

It is important to praise the case and the child's behavior, but not himself.Surprisingly, the words such as: "You are a wonderful man!" "You just umnichka", "You're the best," may harm the baby, because he will develop this quality as self-confidence, in the end it all his life will suffer, aslife rarely encountered such an assessment on the part of other people.As a result, already grown-up child will feel that he disliked and underestimated.