How to get rid of nervous tension : expert advice

How to get rid of nervous tension : expert advice
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# 1

Not every person can constantly maintain peace of mind, a variety of factors, one way or another affect the nervous system, causing disruptionsand depression.Experts can tell you how to get rid of nervous tension, performing very simple exercises that do not require much knowledge.We know that doctors also know how to get rid of nervous tension, but they use this chemical drugs that can calm the man, but did not solve his problem.It is not recommended to drive the irritation to himself, sooner or later it may result in disruption of the monstrous, because that would affect not only the man himself, but also his loved ones.However, it is not necessary to scream and to friends, wife, or children, it is better to go where there is none and screaming until the voltage will not let go.

# 2

Remarkably, if a man is engaged in vigorous exercise, the long and fast running, swimming and boxing pears perfectly help get rid of excessive aggression.Excell

ent method - skiing on snow-covered woods, the old people say that the forest can take from a man all the negative energy, instead giving him a calm and rational.People far away from the sport, it is recommended to take a piece of paper and write on it all their claims to a particular person, rain or heat, which greatly annoyed.Sometimes it helps shifting attention, for example, can take the paper and tear it into small pieces, or twist the leaf, as women are twisting linen.Thus removed the aggression attack, a man rips off his anger on a foreign object, do not hold it inside itself, and not splashing out on colleagues.

# 3

There are situations where a person committed verbal attacks, which are able to bring it out of balance, before answering aggression, preferably close your eyes and making slow breaths, count to ten.Such a method will allow to consider their next steps, and do not make rash acts, for which then will be a shame.If it is possible to retire, at least not for a few minutes, you can use a small meditation.To do this, take a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, and then let his lips a smile.Ironically, a similar exercise will lead quickly enough thoughts in order, peace and tranquility will come.

# 4

If tension arises from the constant stress, not because of the one-time incident, it makes sense to do in the evenings calming exercises.It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes, including a nice quiet music and arrange it so that no one interrupted sessions.You should start with proper breathing, do a deep breath, and then have to hold your breath for a few seconds, then slowly exhale, repeat 10 times.Standing on the floor, you need to get up and stand on toes for a few moments now to become a full stop and rest.Sitting on a chair, raise legs outstretched, a couple of minutes to lower them, with apparent simplicity, these actions are perfectly relieve stress.

# 5

is not recommended at the weekend to be alone, even if the current one does not have any friends or like-minded people, you need to go to a crowded place, watch as people walk, how they behave.Thus, it is possible to distract from their own troubles and tension necessarily decrease.The scientists noticed that people who have a cat, much calmer react to various stimuli, rather pat wonderful animal, and the mood will soon improve.You can make the dog, it will need to make daily trips that are sure to reduce nervous tension.

# 6

Everyone leading an active lifestyle, involved in business or tedious work, sooner or later gets nervous tension.To cope with this condition, you need to learn to switch attention to other aspects of life.At the weekend, it is desirable to leave in the bosom of nature - to fish, gather mushrooms, do anything, but to escape from everyday problems.If the tension reached a critical point, perfectly helps contrast shower, swimming in the pool is also great to remove aggression and drives away evil thoughts.