9 Tips to woman as to be a woman ...

9 Tips to woman as to be a woman ...

It just so happened that the status of a strong woman in our time - a feat not without merit, but the harsh routine.We, Russians, have become so accustomed to carry on their shoulders the burdens that other life we ‚Äč‚Äčthink a priori impossible.But, as corny as it may sound, the power of a woman - her weakness!

According to most local psychologists, it is our femininity, tenderness and softness make men perform feats for us, to kill mammoths and battle dragons - in short, do what we secretly dream!On the other hand - female giperotvetstvennost kills a man masculinity, making it weak, lazy and helpless, unable to take important decisions.A vicious and vicious circle!If you want to escape from there, begin to act!

  1. Even the most powerful woman will always be physically weaker than any, even the most frail and puny men.Otherwise, why gender differences are taken into account in sports medicine, etc.?The fact remains.Remember about it before you commit to a particular action, is not characteristic of t
    he fairer sex!
  2. Arrange a "holiday of disobedience."During the day, do not take any responsible decisions, not "build" home, in the presence of her husband or father - do not do "man's" job, do not lift weights.Free time to devote to hobbies.Just let them be purely "feminine": grooming, dancing, cooking, creativity, care of plants and animals, shopping, meeting friends, going with the kids to the amusement park, etc.Yes, even just doing nothing with your favorite book on the couch can be a positive impact on your mood!
evening analyze the results of the day.If your "omissions" and did not lead to disaster, then arrange themselves such "holidays" more often!If the evening all around collapsed, to pieces, melted in your apartment sudden flood, earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption - a cute smile wife, pat his shirt, gather "tormozok" kiss and send to fight against the elements!He will cope - he's strong!

  1. not hesitate to show the helplessness.Your dad Plumber taught you masterfully handle wrench and plunger?It is commendable!A few years ago, you alone have erected a two-storey house on a country site?Wow, we applaud standing!But her husband or boyfriend is not worth it to know!Never!Otherwise, soon to fix the crane, and repair of the roof fall down on you more unpleasant duties, not peculiar to women.
If you find it difficult - ask for help.At first it will be difficult, especially if you are used to being self-sufficient and independent.But it all starts with small things.Do not hesitate to ask her lover to make you something nice: to nail a shelf or reduce to a restaurant.And no hint - do not understand the man!Only plain text, the most neutral, politely, without raising his voice.If the right - be sure to thank!

This will increase the male self-esteem and inspire him to new feats.Not right - ask again.

  1. desire for destructive ideal.Absolute perfection is an absolute utopia.Living person forgivable minor faults and weaknesses - we are the people!So relax and get pleasure from life!If you want to be lazy - lazy, tired - rest.Between the important and desirable, try to choose the latter.And take a look at your relationship: it is possible, in the flow of everyday activities you do not have time for a family?Discuss the situation with the second half.Perhaps it is time to distribute some of its responsibilities between home?

  2. prioritize correctly.The most viable model looks like.In the first place - their own interests, then - the relationship with the second half.Next come the children, work and care for their parents.In that order!
  3. not sacrifice themselves.Feats of risk to life and health, is not likely to appreciate.They will be taken for granted.Therefore, if you are not at the front, take only feasible burden.And it is not plagued by remorse, if you are not able to accomplish anything on time, quality and on time.Keep it simple and take care!
  4. Take care about the image.Crucially there is no need to change it, it comes gradually.Just add your main way of some lovely feminine details.Try often to change the usual jeans light sarafan and shoes - on pumps or sandals with open frivolous nose.Soon you will notice that others look differently at you!However, all is good in moderation: Your style should match the mood and atmosphere.
  5. Stay actress.If the image of a weak woman does not give you peace of mind, try it for yourself.

    How can we live more fully in this role.It is impossible - imagine yourself in the place of the well-known person, whose femininity is for you reference.And soon you will notice that others perceive you exactly the way you want it.They see you again fragile and defenseless lady, so that it would be desirable to safeguard and protect from life's adversities.

Congratulations!Although the victory is difficult to call.Just you have regained themselves and have developed such valuable qualities as femininity, fragility, the ability to rely on a man.And, of course, female weakness - in the best sense of the word!