How to start a chat with a guy that you like ?

How to start a chat with a guy that you like ?
You will need:
  • interlocutor
  • confidence
  • vocabulary
# 1

There are many ways to start a chat with the guy.It's not as difficult as it seems to some.The point of convergence may be common interests and hobbies.We should not set ourselves objectives inflated, you can just become good friends.Perhaps some have the courage to ensure that "adjust" this knowledge, for example, faced an accident.Or even as an option - mutual friends.Way to meet - a great variety.

# 2

These tips will help you understand how to establish communication.Firstly, do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness at the right time, this is not the case where pride comes first.Secondly, the need to work on self-confidence, because sometimes shyness inhibits prosperity relations.Girls often think that reciprocal steps to follow only from the opposite sex, and it is - a great mistake.So infringed each other's rights.

# 3

necessary to examine the habits of Man, know what sports he is interested in, what kind of music he l

istens to, to question him about a funny story from my childhood - to show care and attention.Thus we can understand how to be interesting to talk to.We all know that guys do not like nerds actually like guys boring girls.Anyone interested in a "live" relationship in which there is always a topic of discussion and not a moment will come when you have to "pouring water", to somehow keep the conversation going.

# 4

There come those moments when she realizes that it is necessary to leave everything as it is.How to stop communicating, without offending the guy?Led skid - not the best option, although one of the most common.Just try to be gentle hint at the fact that the status of friends and acquaintances is more appropriate than lovers.Gradually reduce the share of the attention being paid to the young man.

# 5

Shyness - a sentence or even a problem for the modest man.Such people often develop skills to communicate on the Internet, and then apply them in real life.You can try to take any lessons from her friends, that in this part of the more successful.It may be possible to find some books that tell you how to overcome the fear of communication, making the process of gradual and consistent.It is important not to withdraw into themselves and not to be alone with his problem.