How to deal with sleep without harm to health ?

How to deal with sleep without harm to health ?
You will need:
  • Exercise
  • Drinks
  • Cold
  • Guarana
# 1

There are moments when accumulate things and not enough time to do anything, often need to limithimself in everything, even in the town.At the same time sharply there is a problem: how to deal with sleep efficiently and without harm to health?The issue at today's pace of life is very actual and find among the many ways to really work, using that will not harm the body, not quite a simple task.

# 2

One of the most popular methods is the use of caffeinated beverages such as coffee or green tea.And indeed, it is not only tasty and healthy beverages (eg, coffee contains 120 mineral component), but also a good tool in solving such a problem, how to deal with sleep.True courage action effects created by them last for about 1-2 hours, then drowsiness back again, often with double force.

# 3

Another effective and simple way to return the vigor - attachment to the forehead and temples, all cold items or washing with cold water.He acts

immediately, although the duration is very short: a few minutes.This method may well assist in emergency situations, for example while driving, when other methods of how to control the sleep available.

# 4

Guarana- it's pretty well-known plant of the Amazon jungle, it has gained popularity because of the use of energy drinks.The seeds of this plant contain twice as much caffeine than coffee, and have a smaller negative impact on the body.Guarana provides less stress on the heart, liver and stomach and vigor effect lasts for 4-5 hours.use: a teaspoon per cup of water.

# 5

Another way to forget the dream - light physical activity - for a few minutes to do gymnastics (body turns, rotation arms and legs).This little exercise will help to increase the pressure and tread the desired effect.In case, if you do the more heavy exercise, it will cause the inevitable fatigue resulting in a condition only deteriorated.

# 6

to effectively deal with such a state, you need to know how to solve the dream, the reasons for its appearance in the not so desirable time: dense meal, after which comes the digestive load, reduction of brain oxygenation, biorhythms of the human body.It is because of their work there is a decrease of efficiency in the afternoon and vice versa increase in vigor at the end of the working day.

# 7

methods described above are not only possible, but they are very easy to use and absolutely harmless to health.As it is necessary to develop a regime of work and rest, to include in the diet of more fruits and vegetables, vitamins improve skin tone and overall vitality of the organism.And in any situation will be much easier to cope with not just appeared sleepiness and fatigue and maintain a state of cheerfulness.