How to learn how to write beautiful handwriting , Hobbies and Entertainments

How to learn how to write beautiful handwriting , Hobbies and Entertainments
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Willpower
  • Desire
  • illustrative example
# 1

Every person, without exception, wants to have an unsurpassed writing, and be proud and brag.But few do it, can not change his own style for the better, if it is not like that from birth, from the first years of school, university...Write beautiful handwriting helpful and pleasant, because the man does not irritate the appearance of what he writes, and this ability is in demand, you can easily sign beautiful postcards, letters, a man with such a feature will be in demand, they will marvel, or rather its skills or talents.With all of this advantage there is another advantage: a man with a beautiful handwriting is associated to other, perhaps unfamiliar people in the eyes, as a neat person.Therefore, learn to write beautifully and has a lot of priorities that need to start training immediately!

# 2

How to learn how to write calligraphy, not having much success in the past?Learning to write well and everyone can, but

not everyone's strength to endure it, do not break at the first failure.We need, above all, emotional self-control, patience, and a clear example.Man must in their desires and successes leveled at someone, at least purposeful and successful.Desire gives rise to the action, and society requires action.Man needs example, it is desirable that the sample was positive.Patience is necessary because the ability to write well does not come at the beginning of training, have to try to results made themselves felt.

# 3

So, here is a small guide and learning how to write beautifully.The first step towards this goal is to be the situation in writing.She should be calm, not to distract the writer.Desk, where people will be writing should be spacious and comfortable for writing the text, it should not present unnecessary items, only what is necessary.The correct position of the body also plays a big role.Not for nothing at the school said that the elbow on the letter should not hang off the table.Lighting should be at a right angle, and at night there should be a table lamp that does not distort the real light.

# 4

In a letter to the distance from the eyes to the paper, which will be written to different ideas, should not be less than 30cm.This is useful for vision and for the practice of beautiful handwriting.The first line should be written slowly, bringing every letter, thus further defining what kind of beautiful handwriting longer cute.Then it is necessary to increase the speed of writing.You must be able to write nice and fast!It is also necessary to change the handle to determine which is most convenient pen to write.Besides, it all depends on desire.If it is really necessary for the person, it to study calligraphy.Calligraphy is a good hallmark for a man more conspicuous in the workplace and in the family.