How to start an online communication : talking points

How to start an online communication : talking points
You will need:
  • Internet
  • computer or laptop
  • Mobile
# 1

So, how to start a dialogue in the network?You have to be original!Messages such as "How are you?"Or" What are you doing?"For many people are stereotyped, and they soon lost interest in the other person, and such messages are simply ignored.It is much better to start the conversation, using the already known information.For example, you can write: "Hello, Dasha!You also studied in this institute?"Or" Good day, Dmitry.Watched a few of your photos, you're probably keen on motorcycles?".This personal approach is a man for a long and productive communication.

# 2

Ability to communicate - this is a very useful skill, it is impossible to overestimate the usefulness and the need to develop it.A man with good use this skill can easily start a conversation and get on his companion needed.Ability to convince comes with the skill of communication and thanks to it, you can achieve the desired result.For comfortable communication, you must

create a trust relationship in which two people trust each other.During the communication do not have to think about what and how to speak, emotions must be positive.That is how you must behave in order to communicate it was comfortable.First you need to turn off the internal dialogue, as well as all his thoughts about what and how to say it.During the communication need to rely on the words of the interlocutor.It should express a genuine interest in what they talk.The oral presentation of ideas that come to mind, as well as reading aloud to help shut down the internal dialogue.

# 3

phrase with which it is best to start a conversation, should not be discussing the weather or the color of the wallpaper in the room.It is too banal and boring.It is necessary to come up with something more original.However, too original to be optional.A win-win option would be talking about the interlocutor, you can also make it unobtrusive compliment.If there are photos in its virtual album, you can say that you have such a stylish suit, could you tell me where I find this?In general, if you are even slightly interested in the people, they are usually set up to communicate.In this case, start the communication will be not difficult.We need to be more creative.This is a very important and necessary!

# 4

Starting chat with a girl you need to remember that nothing attracts the girl so as a compliment.Compliments about her sexual parts of the body should not be in your vocabulary in any case.It is better to draw their attention to the hair, face, smile, hand, gait.Girls are inherently romantic and love to talk about relationships.Talking to a woman on this subject can learn a lot about her relationship with the guys.You can start with the issue of her marital status.This is very important: if she meets someone, Single and how her relationship serious.