How to stop being selfish ?

How to stop being selfish ?
You will need:
  • awareness of the problem
  • willingness to overcome itself
  • desire to change their lives
# 1

All people in the world are selfish, those who argue that it is not so, prevaricate or mistaken.Selfishness is even necessary, as well as the instinct of self-preservation.The man who does not care about himself, destined to become a victim for life.In principle, this is not a bad trait to love and appreciate yourself every need.But some selfishness becomes hypertrophied form and becomes excessive.Such a person has difficulty in communicating with others, it can not build a normal relationship, because did not know how to respect the interests of others.With selfish life is hard and painful, because such relationships are often painful.Yes, and people understand that doing something wrong, but does not want to admit that a problem in itself.If, finally, he realizes that his ego has grown to its extreme - egocentrism, he was faced with the question of how to deal with it, learn more t

olerant and respectful of others.

# 2

Such a person can help a simple exercise: try to put yourself in the place of another.To turn the situation in your head, in which the protagonist was himself, and put yourself in the shoes of the interlocutor.It would be nice if he himself this attitude, which he shows to others?Put yourself in the other - the first step to correct the painful egotism.

# 3

also the person who has set a goal to get rid of selfishness, you must take care of others.Suppose that at first he would not do it with a pure heart, and for the sake of necessity.To help parents or other family members, to show compassion for those in need friends or complete strangers, to feed the hungry animals on the street or helping an elderly person bring a bag.Man will feel the impact, positive and thanks, and this significantly raises him in his own eyes.You should always remember that the good and bad in equal measure back to do them.The world around starts to change, as the person who wants to change himself.Gradually, good deeds will no longer be unwelcome duty, people will begin to carry them from the heart and sincerely.

# 4

one who was determined to figure out how to stop being selfish, should pay more attention to the needs of others.Egoist do not consider it necessary, he fixated only on his own experiences.It is necessary to conquer a callousness that, pay attention to the gestures and facial expressions interlocutor.Sometimes there are a number of people who are poor, they need only a normal human sympathy.It is not hard to show sincere interest, encourage, reassure.But much more help is appreciated, manifested in a situation where it is most needed.

# 5

should try to restrain the impulse to criticize and offend his interlocutor, remember that a lot of people deeply affected by such attacks.Soul wound sometimes stronger than the physical, and zarubtsovyvaetsya much longer.As a result, the relationship will be damaged, and lose at the same time both of them.Any negative statement, if necessary, should be able to mitigate.The best way to get rid of selfishness - to treat others as one wants to treat him.