How to learn a lot of information ?

How to learn a lot of information ?
You will need:
  • paper
  • recorder
  • correct installation
# 1

Almost every person in my life encountered such a task as the preparation for the exam or test.Sometimes the need to memorize huge amounts of information, moreover, to do so in a relatively short period of time.The task seems daunting to many, but it is completely solved, if you know how to properly store and process information.

# 2

First, we should take into account the individual characteristics of people, namely, the memory of what prevails in a single person: mechanical, kinesthetic, visual, auditory.Based on this, it is possible to consider specific ways to learn a lot of information.Also, schedule study of new material needs to be built based on the fact on what time of day a person has to peak activity.Simply put, larks better able to absorb the new information this morning, owls - night.

# 3

Those with auditory memory predominates, it is desirable to dictate the material on electronic media and listen.For those w

ho remember the information better visually, it is better to read several times.Kinesthetic and mechanics - to write the most basic piece of paper.But what would have been the human memory is not, it is best to divide the material into logical units, that is, make a plan to hear or read.After all, the whole lot of information to remember is difficult, but the main thing from it, on what basis can then think through the details - is achievable

# 4

also very useful for a better memorization association is a method or technique of keywords.You can connect the fantasy and imagination, spreading information in images or symbols that for a particular person are meaningful and easy to remember.For example, one can imagine an empty room, as the study of the information is filled objects.

# 5

After the man read several times and listened to the material, as well as to remember the keywords should summarize the information in your own words, relying solely on semantic units.The main thing is not to allow a purely rote, which does not use logic.Information obtained in this manner, very quickly erased from the memory.In this regard, the brain can be compared to the computer, wherein the memory is much smaller in volume than a hard disk.Similarly it occurs in the brain.The main thing - the fact that a particular person considers it necessary and important, is deposited in long-term memory.After all, he gave himself the installation of the importance of this information.A short-term memory is gradually cleared as new information becomes available.

# 6

Thus, we should not forget another important point in the process of remembering - understanding the importance of the goal.Once a person gives himself to this setting, it turns on the logic that helps to isolate the reading of the most important.In this case there is no mechanical memorization, namely memorization.Information obtained in this manner is stored in the memory is much longer.From all this it can be concluded that in the study of large amounts of data is no big deal.The main thing - to understand the principle of proper storage and strictly follow it.