Breaks in training : how not to lose the form ?

Breaks in training : how not to lose the form ?
You will need:
  • Ability to get exercise
  • Proper nutrition
  • Willpower
# 1

Sooner or later, almost every athlete is faced with the need to time to stop the workout.Injury, illness, lack of nearby sports hall - all this forces the athlete to time to interrupt his studies.Of course, breaks in training will inevitably impact on the physical form;but the damage to your body it is possible to minimize.The following instructions tell you how to do it.

# 2

If pause in training was not caused by injury or illness, which excludes all conditions, it is necessary to look for alternative methods of maintaining fitness.Regular exercise not only will not allow a few pounds of fat gain or lose muscle, but also do a workout after a break easier, not allowing muscles and joints to wean from loads.Anyone can find a lot of ways to exercise without visiting a gym.Here are just a few options.

# 3

exercises with its own weight but not replace weight training, but they can be a good alternative.Dependin

g on what kind of a break between workouts, you can select different options for this exercise: if a short break, it will be enough and simple push-ups on the parallel bars, pull-ups and other exercises with the weight of his own body.If, however, a break of a few weeks or even months, to use weights from scrap materials: a large bottle filled with sand or rocks and used instead of dumbbells.push-ups stuffed with books, backpack and so on.Do not forget about running, walking, cycling and other active activities.

# 4

should not forget about proper nutrition.If the interval between workouts have some sweets, pastry and fast food, the beginning of training after the break will be spent on getting rid of the accumulated fat reserves.It is important to remember that in the absence of physical activity necessary to significantly reduce your daily calories.In addition, you should avoid fast carbohydrates and animal fats.The best diet - a diet rich in polyunsaturated fats, carbohydrates and proteins slow.This will not gain too much fat and not lose so hard trained muscle.

# 5

It - basic tips for those who are forced to make big breaks between workouts.Implementation of these tips will be enough to maintain a decent shape and not make the result of training on the "no."But, of course, all this is no substitute for full training in the gym.Therefore, it should be understood that each break in training will have to work with zeal and diligence tripled!