How beautiful striptease

How beautiful striptease
You will need:
  • CD with video tutorials
  • Beautiful underwear
  • Chair
  • Minimum hesitate
# 1

forbids men watching a striptease useless.The more angry on the matter, the more the guy will move away.The output from one loving women - learn how to dance beautifully strip itself.

# 2

unusually prepared room needed for this dance.Before making such a surprise for a loved one, you need to create a romantic atmosphere in this room.The apartment bring clean, there should be a minimum of things, so it is best to remove all the books, magazines and a laptop.You can also place candles, throw rose petals and do not forget about the flavors.Now it's time to learn how to learn to striptease at home.

# 3

can enable disc with male strippers, which is made by professionals, and repeat them dance.But it is best to buy a video tutorial and follow the wizard's instructions in this regard.Place for erotic dances must be selected in advance, so you do not trip over a chair and hit an acute angle.Among

all sets of clothes and linen, it is necessary to choose the one which is easiest to handle, that would passionately removing it, do not get entangled in the clasp.

# 4

Knowing some movements require male striptease, learn how to do them, you can learn and female.A huge number of men do not look on the chest in the erotic dance, and hip.Therefore, it is necessary for a successful strip masterly wag booty.Moreover, strippers men also learn to properly move the buttocks.Training can be carried out before a mirror.You can also diversify your dance using the chair.It will sexually bend his legs on a chair or a nice sit down, legs spread apart.

# 5

rehearsing dance, you can understand how to dance male striptease, but not the fact that will correctly repeat elements of training during a striptease in front of your favorite guy.If any or all will go wrong, you do not need to show it.Improvisation - the best friend of erotic dance.

# 6

Learning nice striptease girl can be not only for the favorite guy.This kind of dance helps to improve the shape, raise self-esteem and mood of every woman.If done right, this guy will never think about how to order a striptease.