Want to know how many children will be ?Here's how to find out how much you will have children !

Want to know how many children will be ?Here
You will need:
  • stones marker, clear container of water
  • sewing needle and thread
  • deck of cards
  • ring, thread and a glass
  • own hand
# 1

allows a person to look into the future and get answers to many of his questions.If a young girl or a young woman thinks about how to know how many children will be with her, she does not need to go to the fortune teller.After reading a few simple magic rituals, she can tell fortunes on their own future and the question "How do I know how much I will have children?"cease to excite her.All the stuff listed methods of divination are quite simple to learn and they will not be difficult even for those ladies who had never engaged in divination.Any divination - this is a very responsible occupation, so to start it should be in a good mood.Making magic rituals, we must remember that children can guess at once, and provided that the woman really dreaming of the happiness of motherhood.Witch is not necessary for the sake of curiosity, as the higher pow

ers may not like it.

# 2

Learn about the number of children in the future, you can use stones, which, according to ancient legend, have magical properties.For the rite girl or woman will need to take a few stones and a marker to number them in order.Then taken a clear glass jar and half-filled with water.Stones with numbers written on them fall into the container, after which the young lady remains to be patient and wait for the day when the water washed away from their surface marker nacherchёnnye rooms.Once the ink is soluble in water, pebbles accrue from the vessel and carefully considered: the numbers saved on any of them, and will indicate the number of girl children.Guessing can be slightly modified.If instead of numbers written in stone male and female names, then you can find out the sex of their unborn children.

# 3

To get the answer to the question "How can I know how much will be children?", The girl can take advantage of divination by means of a conventional needle and thread.Special training is not a magic rite, simply thread the eye of a needle in a light (preferably white) string and tune in to the process of communication with higher powers.Thereafter, the left hand placed on the shoulder level, palm up, the thumb is removed away, remaining tightly pressed against each other.A needle tip is lifted by the thread and immersed 3 times in the space formed between the thumb and forefinger.After that, it alternately bring to each finger and carefully observed: needle, thread whirling on its axis indicates the birth of a girl, and if it swings from side to side - it's a boy.Divination is carried out as long as the needle to a complete stop.Count all of its movement, it is possible to learn about the number of future children.

# 4

There is no such question, the answer to which could not have a deck of cards.You can use it to determine whether the girl is little hope for a speedy birth of children, or in the event of her fate has not yet been scheduled.For this divination perfect Friday a day or 13 of any month.The girl need to be alone in a room, sit down and take in the cards, filling them with its energy.Tuning in the process, you need to shuffle the deck, and then shoot with her left hand part of the card.Of these randomly selected cards 9 (they should be face-down), turn and look.If they would Seven of diamonds, while the planned births take place in the near future.Seven and a lady in the neighborhood of the peak point to a happy personal life, but the jack of spades predicts health problems.If you add the combination of four sevens, then the children of the girl will be a lot.

# 5

The night before Christmas our grandmothers wondered children using the ring and thread.For etogoobryada need to take the ring is smooth, the surface of which there are no rocks and ledges, and threaded through his long white thread.Then take a faceted glass and half filled it with water from the tap.Glass put on a flat surface and wait until the water in it will stop moving.After that, the prepared ring raised his right hand for the tip of the thread and put it to the glass, taking care that it is approximately 1 cm above the water surface.Ring will be shaken by a string, touching the glass walls.How many times it hits the glass, many children will be born and the woman.If the ring never touches the walls of the tank, then the woman is not destined to become a mother.

# 6

Palmists sure that children can accurately determine the arm predstavitelnitsyslabogo floor.You can do this on their own, without seeking outside help.If the girl carefully consider drawing on his own palm, she could see the line of children, which are located under the little finger and hands are horizontal dashes.These lines can not only determine the number of children, but also to get information about their gender identity and destiny.Righties divination should be carried out on the right hand, left-handed people - on the left.It should be taken into account only the clear, well-marked line under the little finger.If there are 2, then the children and the girl will be two, three - three, etc. Deep dashes indicate the birth of a baby, which in the future will become a strong, charismatic personalities...The appearance of the girl shows a short line, a boy - a long.

# 7

examining magical rites associated with the determination of their future, she will be able to receive a reply the question "How do I know how much I will have children?".In the above-described methods of divination there is nothing wrong, they are completely harmless to humans and have no negative impact on their fate.To the results of divination proved to be true, the fair sex is necessary throughout the process of thinking about the problem, which it excites.After the session, she should thank a higher power for your attention to the person and to tune in to a happy future.