Find out how a man chooses a woman as a wife : the laws of psychology

Find out how a man chooses a woman as a wife : the laws of psychology
You will need:
  • desire to find a man
  • knowledge of male psychology
# 1

, however, to draw some conclusions based on the observations of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, can be guided by the banal common sense.About how a man chooses a woman on different occasions, and that he will pay attention in the first place, and will be discussed in this article.However, before you learn how to choose a man for a woman, it is useful to examine the signs to help you determine the seriousness of the intentions of the partner.

# 2

When casual dating or a date men, like most of the girls do not know how will develop a relationship with them is unfamiliar to man.However, after a certain time will pass and people get to know each other better, they reveal the characteristics of the partner, their differences and common interests.Over time, the man and woman know about the place they occupy in the life of each other, although being on the first stage of love, hardly anyone of the men

wants to start a family.In most cases, the strong half of humanity (like many women) go to the contact with the opposite sex only in order to satisfy its need for communication.

# 3

fairness it should be noted that the situations in which the woman does not pretend to something more serious, really a lot, and many of the ladies are also looking for unhindered communication in a pleasant environment.Good or bad determine for themselves every man, but if a woman is satisfied with this relationship, we must take into account some of the parameters of appearance and character, who might be interested in a strong half of mankind.Expressive facial features with open correctly executed makeup rarely without men's attention, but the desire to make a lasting effect may be so strong that the appearance of the ladies would only have chosen a condescending smile.To ensure that this does not happen, you should not overdo it with make-up and fragrances and, of course, does not necessarily increase the eyelashes and increasing the chest.

# 4

figure of a woman - one of the main objects of seduction of any representative of the strong half of humanity, so it is necessary to watch for: slim waist, long legs and round ass will not leave anyone indifferent man.attire depends on the situation and on what she intended to, but because the girl in open-neck miniskirt notice at any party and offered to conduct home.The manner of dress allows you to say about their availability and willingness to communicate better than any words, and by causing the wardrobe should not be surprised that a man will be more persistent, because his confidence in the success is directly dependent on the length of the skirt ladies.Years Women Men play, usually a subordinate role if a woman is attractive in appearance and able to care for themselves.In addition, many men are attracted emancipation more experienced ladies and ability to competently build relations with the opposite sex.

# 5

behavior - one of the key factors, which draws the attention of the stronger sex, because it is it gives an idea of ​​the nature of man, so to behave naturally.Health - main wealth of any man, but it is difficult to imagine that a man on the first date will affect the subject, although it will turn its attention to its characteristics: complexion, teeth and hair.Femininity - the main characteristic for which men are looking for confident women, not only to meet, but also family life, and therefore, any woman should be able to not only charming, but also to be a mysterious and elegant.However, in this case it is necessary to know the sense of proportion, as a result of man will choose the girl who will know that he wants to be with him, too.

# 6

Bursaries and curiosity - those character traits, which become visible when the conversation that largely determines the choice of men and their desire to communicate with the lady in the future.Attractive girl is only interested in the part, however, the opinion of the person will be spoiled his speech and expressions.That is why, if a man will have a choice between a lady with good looks and that which is interesting, he will definitely choose the second (unless of course the kind of girl does not boast of his knowledge and does not demonstrate the intellectual dominance).Household invisible woman on a first date, unless the lady herself, as it were by the way does not tell her chosen one that loves to cook food or to grow flowers.However, the girl that morning prepare a delicious salad man, of course, add yourself a few "points in the treasury" (although some men love to cook for yourself).

# 7

As mentioned earlier, the representatives of the strong half of humanity choose their wives based on quite other requirements, and many tips previously presented absolutely "do not work" if a woman wants to start a family.Most of the ladies on a subconscious level, it is understood, and are rethinking their role in the relationship with the man, becoming softer and more balanced, although you can also use the tips below.Outside future wife most men imagine in advance, even before the meet his chosen one, paying attention to women with regular, nice features.Regarding the use of makeup, false eyelashes and other "tuning", in this case, it is only alienate potential suitor.Of course, to give up makeup also is not necessary, simply to adjust their way of making less bright makeup, lashes - natural and easy-going person and open.

# 8

figure of a woman - something that will draw the attention of any man, opting for the girl who has a slender waist and long legs, but even here there are some nuances.For example, women can change shape during pregnancy, as well as with age, however, that over time the man is not lost interest in his wife, it is recommended to look after themselves and their weight.The manner of dress plays a decisive role for the girl that a man wish to relate their own lives: it should ideally combine sexuality and gentle inaccessibility.Although this combination seems to be impossible, there is a way in this situation - being alone with his chosen one can dress provocatively, and in the company of other men to choose low-key style.

# 9

Age future wife is also important for men, and if in two years, the difference is not so critical, the interval of 8 to 10 years, rarely a prerequisite for a happy family life.The behavior of the ladies should not be calling, and if a girl really wants to be worthy of the wife of her husband, then she needs to keep a measure of dignity and humble and friendly to her husband's friends.No less important role played by the quality of relationships with family men, because there is a conflict with the mother-in can destroy the very strong family.Health - a paramount factor for men when it comes to creating your own family because the mother must live a long, fulfilling lives, being able to give birth to and bring up healthy children.

# 10

Femininity and Sexuality spouses should also be at a high level and does not fade with age, transforming into other forms of deception:. Massage after a hard day's work or a seductive dance and other high intelligence is needed for any woman forto the man it was interesting to be close to his wife, secretly proud of their choice of partner.In addition, most of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, never choose to create a family stupid and frivolous lady.Economic skills in family life is first and foremost the ability to cook a delicious meal, observe cleanliness in the house and create a comfort in it - certainly on this list will not give up the advantages of no man.

# 11

intimacy is an essential characteristic of any loving spouse, and if time relations, it does not play a decisive role, the life partner should be someone you know internally and intuitive, family man.It is worth noting that the excessive adherence to even the most correct advice can play with someone who listens to them a cruel joke.All men really are different, and the use of a utilitarian attitude to the partner deprives a person of the possibility to enjoy life and appreciate chosen in such a way it is.