How to sift the sand for a sandbox ?

How to sift the sand for a sandbox ?
You will need:
  • sand
  • drill (gauze, steel grille with fine mesh, cloth)
  • hose or a siphon pump, sponge
  • cement and water for building sandbox
# 1

One of the most rewarding and exciting summer of children's games - a game of sand!Unfortunately, not every site you will find a good sandbox, and buy to give, for example, is often problematic.How to provide children with the necessary material?Take matters into your own hands!The easiest and cheapest option - just take any natural sand.But there is a minus.It is often mixed with stones and other "rubbish".Here and there the first problem is how to sift the sand?

# 2

answer suggests itself - through a sieve.Here the mass of options.And the old bed, and metal nets for windows, and a soft cloth, which can be found in stores with garden tools and even a gauze for the very fine sand.To effect was complete, you can build a following construction.Old metal bed is placed over the sandbox so that remained at the bottom of a larger lumen.Under the

bottom spaced grid attached to windows or mesh fabric.And in the bottom of the tightly stretched gauze.Then gently sand pours from above, the design must sometimes shake like a sieve.

# 3

When parents learn how to create the sand, they are often addicted to the process.And in the end, the sand is much more than is necessary for children to play.Where to put the remains?The best and practical option was always construction.The sand used in solutions with completely different cement for building purposes, for example for the basement.And, you can make a sandbox with their hands.But do not just pour in a vat of both materials.There is a special technique specifies how the cement plant with sand properly.Firstly, the cement and sand are taken in proportions of 3: 1 (for example, 9 kg of sand and 3 kg of cement).First poured sand on top of the cement, all mixed.

# 4

To do this, you can take the special tool (mortar mixer), use a hammer drill with a specialized nozzle-mixer or any other flat metal surface with the pen (for example, a shovel).After a smooth pouring water to the desired consistency.The main thing - do not overdo it!If that can be topped up later.The next problem that can occur when you create a sandbox - a compacted sand.There are two options.Either with the help of pressure from above (you can use a variety of tools at that fancy enough), or each new layer should be watered with water.It's simple!

# 5

finished in a sandbox may eventually accumulate dirt and debris.Now we have to look for an answer to the question: how to wash the sand.The hardest part - to find a suitable place for this.And then it is necessary with a hose (or special tools like a siphon pump, a sponge) to wash sand powerful jet, the power will vary depending on the type of dirt, sand and other volume.Then muddy water must be drained and repeat a couple of times a procedure.After that, the sand must be dried in the open surface and fall asleep in the sandbox again.With these simple tips, you can build and complete a perfect sandbox.After playing in the sand is so important for the development of children of all ages.