How to ask her hand in parents : an appeal to parents to ask her daughter hand

How to ask her hand in parents : an appeal to parents to ask her daughter hand
You will need:
  • information about the girl's parents
  • Support
  • Gift
  • serious intentions
# 1

Before we go to get acquainted with the parents need to talk to my girlfriend about theirinterests.We need to ask, they love what they do, a hobby.First, of course, it will cause difficulty, but after 5 to 10 minutes to begin an interesting story about them.It is worth noting that the girl lived with her parents in childhood, so it should be aware of the preferences of the father and mother.It should try to learn as much information as possible.It may come to mind some interesting ideas.Psychologists recommend to praise the girl's parents, so she subconsciously there confidence and she can tell you much more.And it is very necessary.After all, acquaintance with their parents - is serious business, and you need to treat it responsibly.

# 2

Once there are all necessary and interesting information, should be considered a little on some issues.What to wear?What to talk about?How to behave?And wha

t to give?To the first impression was good, you need to choose a strict dress code.The best option would be a decent suit.It is desirable that he was white, because he embodies kindness and sincerity.Then the problem is how to start a dialogue.Here also it is very easy.We must try not to talk too much, but do not be silent.It is better to talk about what is happening in the country, what are your plans for the future.A little child can talk about how to get acquainted with their daughter or to discuss any film.Start chat is not difficult, as long as it was interesting.Do not forget to praise her mother for a delicious dinner, and say what their clever daughter.In no case can not be in my vocabulary to use swear words.It only pushes her too, and parents.Keep calm and better answer the questions honestly as possible.Do not forget that it has a well-organized people to him.Therefore, there will be a plus, if you read a lot and like to visit the useful public places (for example, theater or art gallery).Any go there or not, the only problem is - like it and leave an excellent impression.Next problem is how to ask for the hand of a girl even harder.So, if you do not master a simple task, to a heavy start does not make sense.

# 3

There is a tradition to come to visit with something.After all, come empty-handed - not cultural.Be sure to bring some goodies.For mothers this can be flowers and cake for tea.If finances allow, you can buy a good cognac for the father.Usually after such all were satisfied.Thus, we can appease their attitude will be softer.If, however, on expensive gifts do not have enough money, you can consult with the girl.Perhaps it is something to tell.But then again, if he says that does not need anything, you still need to buy something.This is a very important detail when meeting.Parents immediately look greedy husband's daughter or not.So if there are plans for the future with this girl and you need the blessing of the bride's father, it is advisable not to skimp on gifts.Sometimes it depends on what kind of relationship will develop further down the road.

# 4

If all goes well and there is a feeling that her parents are beneficial relationship, then you need to proceed.After all, good and decent women do not have much, so you can not miss the chance.Typically, the next step - a marriage proposal.However, here the problem is more difficult.In order to get married, you need to ask for the consent of her parents.But often there is uncertainty as to what will be a failure.Therefore, to replace the old problem comes new as ask the hand of the girl's parents.Here, of course you need to already be familiar with mom and dad.There must be a precise assurance that they apply to these relations friendly.It is necessary to constantly maintain, support and sympathize with her family, then they will have a trust relationship.And parents can safely marry off her daughter's such a good person.So, you must always act, as a marriage - it is one of the most precious event in the world!