How to pack the dishes when moving , that it is not broken ?

How to pack the dishes when moving , that it is not broken ?
You will need:
  • Boxes
  • Rope
  • Scotch
  • Packages
# 1

How to start moving, and how to facilitate the move?These issues are given too many, when faced with the move.First of all, it depends on how far to move.It is necessary to determine approximately how much to packaging containers for small items, and coils of rope or twine, as well as tape - large.The most pressing question is how to pack the dishes when moving, that it is not broken?Packaging dishes seemingly better in boxes, but they are very heavy, and it is inconvenient.The best option, cardboard boxes from under the appliances.

# 2

to sue is not broken, it needs to be in something wrapped.newspaper, paper can be used for this purpose, and so on. n. Of course you can, but it must first bring, and after moving to throw.Just from personal items to choose the ones that will not be necessary in the near future, and to wrap them.Of course, this should not be an evening dress.For example: glasses, wine glasses, and the like is very wel

l packed in socks.In general, wrap, folding, tying or adhesive tape to seal the box and be sure to write "glass" on the top and on the sides.

# 3

How to pack furniture when you move, do not even have to think about all that can be disassembled - parse.Accessories add up into separate packets and each packet is required to sign.Doors, walls, etc., which run the risk of scratching, folding in pairs face inward, paving something like a rug, a thin blanket.Tied with string or tape.Things are ready to move, and how to change the garden when you move, it is necessary to take care.Agree with the head of the new garden, which is closer to home.

# 4

The people one move compared with two fires and it is often so turns.This is the "fire" family.Perhaps these tips will at least someone to help put it out.The article with a grain of humor, describes how to facilitate the move.Use available materials for packaging, without spending time, money and nerves.