How to make your psychological profile ?

How to make your psychological profile ?
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# 1

question of how to create a psychological portrait, a large number of interested people.If the reader realistically assess their capabilities and personal qualities that make your psychological profile is not difficult.All you do is analyze every aspect, and answer them sensibly.It is best to write down the answers.After all, everyone knows better than psychological tests.But if it is difficult, it is best to consult a specialist who will avoid the mistakes that often allow inexperienced users.

# 2

psychological portrait of the person includes the following components: temperament, character, ability, focus, emotional, volitional qualities, communication skills, self-esteem, self-control level.We came to the definition of "personality type".Many people know about the types of temperament, but not everyone knows their characteristics.Sang

uine balanced and lively, friendly and cheerful, but rewarded with levity.

# 3

phlegmatic person can be described as passive, but a reliable person.They are responsible for their actions and deeds, but slow and inert.Choleric can be recognized by the high level of activity and vigor, as well as violent and, in some cases, aggression.Melancholic is very sensitive and vulnerable person.With them you can not do rude, it is difficult for them to survive.This humane and soft people.Another important feature that should be taken into account - character.There are 4 types of character.Demonstrative type - nature, which strongly express their emotions in public, and a good understanding of people.

# 4

pedantic type - half-hearted people, who find it difficult to make a decision.Stuck type - people, focuses on their negative feelings and success;usually vindictive.Human capacities - this is the direction to which the prone man.Abilities can be detected, engaged in various activities.Many a child went to various circles and sections, and there learned about their abilities.Although some people are old and do not know what is their soul.Skills are divided into two types.General ability to evolve with the development of intelligence.They include industry, adaptation, ability to navigate in difficult situations.

# 5

Special abilities are formed with the development of certain activities.Will - it is property of the person, due to which a person is able to control his behavior and mentality.By volitional qualities of man are determination, perseverance, initiative, as well as courage and many other properties.The emotionality of all people is at different levels.Some splashes out all the accumulated emotions of the outside, and some carefully concealed them from society.Self-evaluation is quite an important criterion in the type of personality.This evaluation of the man himself and his qualities, as well as actions.Self-esteem is too low or too high, rare normal self-esteem.Because of the low self-esteem in individuals can occur even various phobias and complexes, which often interfere with life.

# 6

preferred to pass psychological tests online, without leaving home, to compile personal psychological portrait.All tests can be found on request in the search engines.The most common test to determine the type of temperament - Test Hans Eysenck.Simple and intuitive to any user test.It is also very well known in the circles of psychologists Leonhard test.It can help you determine the type of person and learn character traits.The tests required above given above simply answering questions "yes" or "no."

# 7

Modern psychology betrays important psychological portrait of the person, as the properties described in it, speak about the person almost everything.Now readers have sufficient information to create his psychological portrait.And yet it is important to remember that a person who has the impulse to understand yourself, work construction easier, more interesting and productive.