How to sterilize baby bottles in the microwave ?

How to sterilize baby bottles in the microwave ?
You will need:
  • Sterilizer
  • Microwave
# 1

know how to sterilize baby bottles in the microwave, is absolutely necessary, because it is one of the most important stages in the care ofcrumbs.Today it is possible to sterilize the baby bottle without difficulty, though using more than one method.To sterilize in the microwave you need the following: a container with poured water sterilizer, special tablets (antiseptics), and, of course, the presence of a microwave oven.

# 2

In principle, there are several ways of how to sterilize bottles.Normal classic version - is sterilized them with boiling water.That is done by our mothers and grandmothers.The process, though ancient, but still practical.Here all is simple: just have all the necessary attributes (bottles, pacifiers, rattles and various toys) to collect, and then thoroughly washed in warm water, be sure to do not forget about a piece of soap.It is necessary to completely remove all contaminants.Then rinse.Then he poured water into a cont

ainer to bring to a boil.After that, gradually drop each item in a boiling aqueous solution and wait three to five minutes, then remove them and turn upside down, wait until all of the items to cool down, and only then apply them.

# 3

following way - is to sterilize baby bottles and all children's items using an electric steam steriliser.To do this, fill it with as many water as indicated in its package insert, then turn and set inside the children's attributes.In general the required time - ten minutes is not more.To save time, this machine is designed so that it is placed six to eight for a single use bottle.

# 4

The following is a very topical issue: how to sterilize bottles vmikrovolnovke.To do this requires a special glassware for microwave ovens, which must be filled with cold water and set in the art baby bottles all containers, and then to put them in a device called a microwave oven, before adjusting these most power.Then, measure the time (about six to eight minutes and) and remove them.You can also use the sterilizer, specially designed for such purposes, who works for a couple.In a similar way to put it into children's attributes also need a microwave, which you need to install the correct power (this should be specified in the instructions).

# 5

This process can be carried out with the baby bottle, even in cold water.It's all quite simple: you must purchase special antiseptics and pour them into an aqueous solution (cold), and wait until they are completely dissolved.Bottles should be immersed in water.Duration of the procedure - from half an hour (plus ten minutes and).This solution allows to keep the baby bottle is not more than one day.In the case of operation of the sterilizer, running for a couple in the process of extraction of baby supplies, you should be very careful, since it is likely to get burned.