How to draw the attention of a guy that you like ?

How to draw the attention of a guy that you like ?
You will need:
  • attention to their appearance
  • knowledge of the interests of Man
  • determination
# 1

most often in relationships is not enough to just sit and wait for the guy to make the first step.It can be very like the girl, but for one reason or another do not show their interest in it.Perhaps the man is shy, does not know how to start a conversation, not sure of reciprocity, or simply not interested in dialogue.The worry in doubt, it is better to think about how to attract male attention, which you like.If the girl with him have a common ground: the overall operation, the company of friends - a task easier.If not, you should try to find them.To find out, what the guy is interested, where he likes to go and try to visit the same places.

# 2

However much not talked about the importance of the inner world, for most men is crucial appearance.At least at the first stage of love and build online relationships.Sloppy, groomed girl does not want to look after themselves, unlikely to dra

w attention to himself.Thus, the need to try to be better equipped: to hide flaws, to emphasize the dignity, put on clothes to face, focus on hair, makeup and manicure.We can not forget the way to present yourself.If the nature of the girl is clumsy, nothing prevents her to enroll in dancing or fitness.Exercise in any case will not be harmful, and posture and figure from them certainly benefit.And not necessarily look like a top model, the main thing - skillfully exploited by the external data that is given by nature.If the girl self-confidence, love and appreciate yourself for what it is, this feeling involuntarily transferred to others.

# 3

girl puzzled problem of how to attract the attention of a guy that you like, should not forget about the language of gestures and facial expressions.They can tell a lot, often much more than words.The well-known fact that to win the interlocutor, you can use it to tune in the desired wave.For example, while talking to copy his gestures in the mirror.It is necessary to avoid private key: Do not cross your arms or legs, do not hide the eyes.Regarding the latter, then there is need to adhere to the "golden mean."Too long and close eye contact causes sensation calling, threats or direct sexual suggestions.If the girl's plans are not part of the latter, it is better not to go to far with such views.Look into the eyes of the interlocutor is necessary, but not more than two seconds.To be interested in Man, we must not forget even about such small things, like the smell.Perfume should be unobtrusive, nice, and they have by no means impossible to pour from head to toe.

# 4

As for the facial expressions, it should not look as if she had just eaten a lemon.Acidic, the mines of suffering unpleasant to anyone with such a person does not want to stay long.Open, friendly face with a friendly smile always nice and is sympathetic, even if it is not without drawbacks.It is possible and even necessary to say the object of interest compliments, let us understand their position to him.But do not overdo it, otherwise the guy could be suspected of hypocrisy and insincerity.

# 5

Man Pay attention to yourself, and to help the separation of his interests.About what he is interested can easily find out from his friends or acquaintances.You can explore the issues that interest him, and on occasion to show their awareness of them.It will surprise guy and is located in the direction of the girl.Also, the case can significantly ease the social networks.Now many people communicate with their help.Nothing prevents the girl to find the object of his passion on social networks by adding friends and try to communicate it.Who knows, maybe virtual communication eventually develop into a now-mutual desire to meet in real life.

# 6

And most importantly, it will help solve the problem of how to please a guy, an active position in life.We must not be afraid to take the first step: to come, to talk, to smile.If the girl like a guy, then he may well take matters into their own hands.If not, perhaps it is not necessary to be imposed, because more will only get harder.But the ability to make the first move in a relationship should not be confused with the impudence and impudence.The girl who breathe and the guy does not, she pounces on him, maybe get a desired, but hardly a long time.After all, the man in the first place, a hunter, he was not interested when she catches prey in hand.So, a little feminine wiles, charm, courage - and a welcome man sure to pay attention to the girl.