How to develop a voice for singing ;how to tell if you have a voice ?

How to develop a voice for singing ;how to tell if you have a voice ?
You will need:
  • text written on it exercises
  • mirror
  • recorder
# 1

Velvety and sonorous voice, the ability to touch a chord with your singing - the true mastery.Some people have this gift from nature, others need to study long and hard to get a little closer to the ideal.It also happens that a person has an ear for music, but vocal chords are insufficiently developed and singing is not that the same as we would like.Such people help long and hard training to develop his own voice.After the vocal cords - it is also the muscle that can be developed and trained.

# 2

The main thing to remember when starting to exercise on the development of voice - is the need for proper breathing.That it is necessary to begin with the workout.After all, if a person is breathing properly, the power of his voice will never reach the desired level.To learn how to breathe properly, you can try to walk around the room, counting the breaths.The first two steps - a breath, on the second - exhale.But it is only

in the first days of lessons.Gradually the need to increase the intervals between inhalation and exhalation up to ten steps.Also useful is the following exercise: you have to stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart and hands connect to the lock and lift up.Backbends, inhale and exhale bend forward.When tilting simultaneously with exhalation pronounce different vowels: 'ah-ah-ah, "" oo-oo-oo, "" oh-oh "," and-and-and "," e-ee. "Regular performance of these simple exercises - the first phase is to develop a voice for singing.It is advisable to carry out these and subsequent exercises in front of a mirror to make sure that the diaphragm is working.

# 3

For those who set a goal of how to develop a voice for singing at home, should go to the next exercise - pronouncing the syllables.It is best to use these sound combinations that contain both voiced and unvoiced consonants in conjunction with vowels.For example: thpi, thpe, thpa, thpo, thpu.If at first hard to remember, you can write them in advance on a sheet of paper and read aloud.It is also helping to strengthen the vocal cords tongue twisters.They very much, so you can choose the ones that are most like.For example: "Wander beavers in cheeses forests Beavers brave and Beaver kind.".The best way to find such tongue twisters that contain different sounds and sound combinations.Blurts they need at a different pace, starting with a slow and gradually increasing.

# 4

helpful to read aloud a variety of works: like poetry, and prose.Thus it is necessary to follow the diction and clearly pronounce each letter, learn to put in the right places the logical accent.It is better to do so by writing to the recorder to be able to listen to your voice and understand what mistakes are made in the process of reading.At first, you can read books aloud for ten - fifteen minutes, but gradually increase the time to an hour or more.

# 5

Good help for the development of voices singing directly, from raspevok, ending with execution itself music.Raspevki can be very different: the same syllables are spoken out loud, but in a different tone hums.You should start with a low pitch and finish as high as you get.So you can define your range.Sometimes it helps to reduce the voice of a normal breathing through the nose.Also for this simple exercise can help, which is called buzz.We need to press your chin to your chest and just make a sound: "Well, Well, Well".If you perform a buzzing every day, then pretty quickly you will notice results.So, knowing these simple techniques, how to develop a voice for singing at home, you can make your voice more sonorous and strong.