How to maintain correspondence with the girl ?

How to maintain correspondence with the girl ?
You will need:
  • politeness and tact
  • naturalness
  • Practice
# 1

Virtual communication - it is a wonderful way to make new contacts and maintain old ones.This type of communication opens up many possibilities for the user of the Internet: the web, you can find new friends and like-minded partners for their future projects and even a soul mate!However, it was the last point often causes difficulties in men.In fact, it's hard enough to correspond with you like a girl, seeing her face and respond to their cues;and the search for an appropriate topic for discussion becomes much more difficult, if on the other side of the monitor - almost a stranger.However, communication via the World Wide Web can be done with ease.But how?

# 2

first difficulty faced by the guy who wants to get acquainted with the girl you like on the web - it's the beginning of a conversation.The best way to get in touch with the girl, which attracted the interest - it's polite to say hello and ask a discreet question abo

ut some detail in her profile.For example, in the "favorite books" the girl says "fantasy" - then you can ask by what authors she prefers, which began with her passion for fantasy football.Or, say, the girl left in a group comment about the new album of the musical group - in this case, would be quite natural to share with her their opinions about its review or discuss the album.It is very important to feel the fine line between a friendly question and intrusive inquiries - must not be written in a tone as if she simply obliged to immediately give an explanation about the information on your page to a stranger.

# 3

Generally, the tone polite and unobtrusive are essential, even crucial, role throughout the dialogue - both real and virtual.No need to be too familiar, write messages in a demanding tone, or to insist on communication, if she made it clear she did not want to continue dating.Unfortunately, too many young people completely forget about such a seemingly obvious rule of communication.For example, they showered companion hundred questions about her and her life, because of what the friendly correspondence with the girl turns into a real interrogation, and companion feels uncomfortable.Therefore, it is not necessary to ask all the questions on the forehead - the answers to which can be smoothly and unobtrusively find out in the course of further communication.And, of course, we must not forget to talk about themselves - a girl just as interested to learn more about his new Internet acquaintance.

# 4

The story itself is very effective in terms of finding a common topic of conversation.The girl will certainly be interesting to find out more about hobbies and outlook on the world of his interlocutor.Maybe so that the girl would be a supporter of the same world, or will share the same passion - then partners Pen is sure to be something to talk about!But while the story itself is also important to know when to stop - do not turn the conversation into an endless monologue about themselves, their hobbies and accomplishments.It is best to gradually screwing this information in the dialogue.To discussion is not "sag" should find a few topics on which to communicate with the girl turns out most easily and naturally, and has repelled them.If such issues could not be found - perhaps still thinking about whether to continue dating at all?

# 5

Very often young and insecure guys are trying to draw knowledge about relationships between men and women at various pick-up forums.As a rule, they go out with a huge luggage "psychological techniques" and "tricks".All they should throw the nearest dustbin.No more unpleasant interlocutor than the guy who pours cliches and cliches, which, in his opinion, are sure to attract the girl, and also tries to behave as "alpha male."Any representative of the fair sex is easy to see through the young man who tries to be not who he is in real life, and "fatal seducer."Chances win the girl is much higher for a guy who behaves naturally and does not try to be what he is not.In the end, any person is required to find great quality that will interest others.Why try to be someone else?

# 6

However, what if you keep a natural and casual conversation did not go?The answer is simple - practice.As in any other sphere of human activity, in order to achieve success in dealing with need to constantly train.So shy and introverted guys who do not know how to communicate with the girls, you can suggest only one thing: as much practice as possible - to look at the different sites of girls and join the conversation with them.Of course, not all cases, the outcome would be the best;but the Internet is wonderful because you can remain anonymous, and the failure in the correspondence with the girl who may be thousands of kilometers away, in no way affect the future life.And sooner or later, it will be the realization that communication with the girls on the web is no longer frightening, and causes genuine enthusiasm!