As interest in the correspondence Man ?

As interest in the correspondence Man ?
You will need:
  • naturalness
  • interest in the conversation
  • Communication skills
# 1

It's no secret that online dating is becoming more and more popular.Communication in the Network makes it possible to know each other better, discard complexes and shyness, but it makes the girls nervous and think, how to interest a Man for all correspondence.What to write, what to say, what to say - all of these chaotic thoughts swarming in my head girl, communicating with a cute guy on the Internet.However, all of these questions can be answered.

# 2

As corny as it sounds, but you need to be with him.Any guy would be disappointed if he communicated online with a confident and relaxed special, but in person he saw before him a notorious and diffident girl.If a guy expected something more than just any non-binding chat on Skype, you do not need to create an image, quite different from the real one.Any person has its advantages, and it is better to show them than to invent others.

# 3

Correspondence should not be one-sided.No one likes to be the interlocutor of every word has to pull ticks.No need to answer in monosyllables long messages, can not be ignored for half an hour every letter that after this time write "uh huh" or "clear".It should take the initiative to show their interest in the conversation.On the other hand, do not need to overwhelm the guy with questions - friendly correspondence should not be turned into an interrogation.In the need to know when to stop.

# 4

Do not be ashamed to talk about themselves (of course, without turning the conversation into a retelling of his biography).Share your hobbies, interests, views of the world will never be over.To generate interest in themselves and their talents, not necessarily to have a rare profession or hobby extreme - even quite ordinary hobby can tell entertaining and informative.And if a guy these shared passions or has a similar outlook, it will make the conversation more participants closer together and give a variety of topics for conversation.

# 5

And, of course, as with any correspondence, it is important to maintain a certain distance and respect the boundaries of others personal space.It is not necessary after a ten-minute conversation behave with a guy like bosom friends and liberties.Also, do not be too intrusive.Of course, many women when communicating with a pleasant guy already seen in the dreams of their wedding, children and grandchildren, but these thoughts are better left to himself and not to voice their unfamiliar guy.Men repels similar obsession.

# 6

However, one should not build yourself inaccessible lady, too zhemannichat down and talk.As already mentioned, it is important to know when to stop.All this - the main recommendation for those who want to attract the attention of a Man online.Of course, there is no universal way to win the Man interest - it depends on the guy and the girl - but by following these tips to increase your chances of success is quite real!