How to draw a guy on the street ?

How to draw a guy on the street ?
You will need:
  • Decisiveness
  • Courage
  • Sympathy
# 1

Not so long ago it was thought that it is men who are the first to take the first step.But times change, and with them - the nature and behavior of people.Even if guys like brave girls who are the first to step up and meet or just to talk, yet they prefer to leave the right to do.Therefore, in order not to infringe on the dignity and pride of the stronger sex, beautiful half would go to the little tricks.To learn how to meet with a guy on the street, you can learn from the Internet or from magazines.But, showing little imagination and perseverance, you can not only pay attention to the guy on his person, and do it with great wisdom.

# 2

If a girl really interested in a young man, there is nothing wrong to tie acquaintance with him.To do this, you first need to give him a sign, which would mean sympathy.Perfect perky and cheerful look, aimed directly at the opponent.At the same time on the girl's face to play a genuine smile, and his

eyes - a spark.Avoid prolonged gaze.Better periodically modestly look away to the side, and when the guy is just around the corner - again look into his eyes and smile.This method has a drawback, because young people can be busy with his own problems or simply rush on business.

# 3

In order to meet with a guy on the street, she must be bold and talkative.For example, if the street suddenly began to rain, and the representative of the beautiful half of mankind did not take an umbrella, you can ask under the umbrella of a young man who had been seen earlier.This method is very effective, because no self-respecting man will not leave to soak in the rain Woman.Being "under one roof" with a stranger, you can start an interesting conversation, which may lead to further relations.The main thing, if she felt an interest not only for its part, but the part of Man, do not forget to take your phone number or other contact that will meet again.

# 4

to meet with a girl, who are interested in, you have to be wise and cunning.For example, you can ask for advice on how to find his way to the museum or gallery.The process is quite banal, but showing a female trick, you can find a new friend.To do this, look to you like a guy in a familiar place and to understand in which direction it is moving.After that, go to him and ask for directions in the same direction, thus it is necessary to make a confused look, innocent smile, a pat eyelashes and babble something desperate.Any guy soften or get lost before the lost girl, and, quite possibly, will offer to accompany her to the destination.

# 5

For lovers of movies in the genre of melodrama, to draw a guy on the street will not be difficult.After all, this method many times seen on the blue TV screen.Its essence is as follows: the girl should accidentally encounter with a stranger on the street.In this case it should look concentrated and slightly confused.It is important that her hands were busy with a pile of folders with papers or a bag with small items or products.At the time of "accidental" encounter all these things with ease should fly apart in hand, and the girl has to portray the utter confusion, frustration and resentment.But all these emotions should be in moderation.Of course, there are many ways to love a man in the street.It is therefore important to experiment and try the methods that are closer to the soul.