How to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet?

How to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • desire to meet with a girl
# 1

keep the conversation - a science, even if it is virtual communication.To the girl had an interest in his companion, it is necessary to keep a certain intrigue.It is worth remembering that boring guys did not attract a fine half of mankind.But being too intrusive, too, not worth it.Total should be in moderation.It is also important that the girl was always in suspense of what will be said in the future companion.For this guy will need talent and a little luck, and most importantly - the desire to learn.

# 2

Before you begin a conversation with the girl on the Internet, the guy has to decide what it needs them.If the purpose of dating - further relations, this is one case, if a guy wants to find a companion - completely different.In any case, the interlocutor can be found on the Internet is easy and quickly, because nowadays there are so many social networking sites that are designed for such communication.Therefore, d

efine its intentions, man may choose one of these sites.

# 3

If acquaintance happened, then there is a problem - what to talk to a girl on the Internet.Firstly, you can visit its page and find out what interested beautiful creature.To find out whether there is a common interest and preferences.Second, you can ask a girl with dreams and plans for the near future.So, word for word, will be seen, what can be said.To correspondence was more active, you can register on sites that offer instant messaging.If this is not an option, you can add the girl to your contacts on the social networks.This will allow much more likely to communicate with her.

# 4

a lot of guys are interested in how to start a conversation with the girl on the Internet.Here the main thing - to eliminate trite phrases to be original and unique.The beautiful half loves surprises and stereotypes and hackneyed phrases now nobody will be surprised and will likely scare.If the girl with interest responds to the first message, then it is a sign for a guy that communication can be continued.By sending each next letter, it's important to read it aloud.This is necessary in order to eliminate possible errors, ambiguous phrases and loss of meaning.In addition, re-reading your own posts will add confidence.

# 5

Some guys make a serious mistake when his letters are inserted countless smiles.This may prevent start a conversation with the girl on the Internet, because sometimes smiles are irritating.Pictures in the text guy can still be construed as a lack of education and lack of literacy.In addition, a huge amount of emoticons pose when the other party has nothing to answer or say.

# 6

To really interested in some girl, you need to be yourself in the person.The guy does not show better or worse than it actually is.Lie - because it is felt at a distance.Therefore, the true answers and frank correspondence may be the first step to meet you in real life.In addition, to meet with a girl on the Internet is easier if the main photo on the page of a Man untrue.

# 7

When a guy and girl talk for a while, it is important to be able to not only keep the conversation going, but also to cheer up a fine half.To do this, you can tell the anecdote of the day, or send a funny picture or video.Some girls love cartoons.It is important not to forget to congratulate the new acquaintance on holidays.To do this, you can send virtual postcards and greetings in verse, audio or video recordings.Because girls like light humor, then you should not joke about such topics as information technology and physics.The successful introduction - a free and natural communication.All the other conversations that lead to impotence, not worthy of attention, because they are boring and uninteresting.