How to protect breastfeeding ?

How to protect breastfeeding ?
You will need:
  • Condoms
  • Spirals
# 1

After the birth of the multitude of women does not appear less responsible and important period - the time of breastfeeding.As during pregnancy, young mothers should review your diet, habits and way of life, taking into account the safety and health benefits for the baby.Particular attention should be paid to this topic, as contraception after childbirth.

# 2

How to protect breastfeeding advise gynecologist after the consultation and full examination.At the same time it is necessary to take into account the health status of the young mother, and the effect of all the ways.Sometimes, to get a 100% probability of absence of unwanted pregnancy or alternate methods are combined.Usually, postpartum nursing young mothers no menstruation or it irregular.Therefore, for effective contraception will not approach any method of measurement of basal body temperature or calendar method of calculation of safe days.

# 3

Condoms - the only contraception in lac

tation, which is the most reliable.After birth, their use is also considered additional protection against infections.In an alternative form of condoms can be used spermicides, they are released as gels, vaginal tablets and suppositories, ointments, pastes.With a lack of spermicides efficiency will be low.However, with such a low risk of pregnancy as women who breast-feed your baby, this method is very reliable.

# 4

Protection of breastfeeding is strictly prohibits the use of oral contraceptives, because they can have a negative effect on the baby.For women who are breastfeeding, it was able to develop special means "Charozetta" and "Eksklyuton".They must be taken every day, 1 tablet during the lactation period.Before you take the tablets it is necessary to consult a doctor.

# 5

absolutely safe during breastfeeding are IUDs.They are allowed to bet immediately after birth or within a few months, when the postpartum discharge end.Spiral exerts a mechanical effect, while preventing the possible occurrence of pregnancy in uterine cavity.Despite the good spiral effect after pregnancy, in this method, there are a lot of side effects and contraindications.

# 6

opinions differ and that a woman breast-feeding will not be able to get pregnant.Only in a situation when a baby is fully breast-feeding, and the interval between feedings at night does not exceed 3 hours-eh, young mothers do not need additional protection techniques.However, after the resumption of menstruation or spotting breast appearance will not be able to protect against pregnancy.