How to respond to a compliment ?

How to respond to a compliment ?
You will need:
  • Calm
  • Confidence
  • Goodwill
  • sincere joy
  • Thanks
# 1

Perhaps, there is a woman who has never in his lifeWe would say a compliment, not praised her looks, or spiritual qualities.It would seem to respond to such things is easy, but in fact a lot of people constantly have problems with how to accept compliments.Many refer to him disbelief, get nervous, dismissive or completely lost and silent.Frequently heard phrases like: "Oh, you, this is not so," or "To me there's nothing special."This happens mostly not due to low self-esteem, but simply because the answer may not be easy compliments.Therefore, for every individual, and especially for women, it is crucial to understand this question.

# 2

Do not argue and make excuses in response to a compliment.This may confuse interlocutor and create the impression that his opinion does not matter, and it is, of course, discourage any desire to him to say nice things in the future.Demonstrative belittle its merits, as a rule, does

not cause any feelings of others, in addition to clumsiness.Even if praise is obviously too high, you should take it calmly and with dignity.In the case of gross flattery can also accompany their consent ironic smile.

# 3

In any case, a compliment is required to respond in some way, do not pretend that nothing has happened.Complete disregard of the words of the interlocutor can greatly offend him.Only if a person is really unpleasant, you can leave it unattended and words to show thereby that he should not continue to impose their society.Nor should we rush to the other extreme and immediately show excessive enthusiasm and stormy love.This is a clear manifestation of low self-esteem when people heard about the good word itself, believes that his benefactors and ready to go for the speaker to the world's end.Most likely, the source does not expect a response and will be embarrassed.Compliments - quite normal and humdrum part of life, and pronouncing them, as a rule, has no other purpose than to make a pure heart and a pleasant person to please him.Therefore, it is not necessary to think that the obligation to praise some retaliatory action, it is not so.

# 4

to adequately respond to a compliment to be taken for granted that the person uttering it absolutely sincere and simply voiced their views, thus wanting to raise another mood.And best of all, if his aim true.Pleasant words must cause the recipient real joy, which will be instantly visible in his eyes.It is always immediately noticeable when someone is actually experiencing positive emotions.Such a reaction, not even accompanied by words, is already a way to respond to a compliment.And best of all to say with something simple, such as "Thank you for your kind words!" Or "You've got me confused, but I'm very pleased."That will be quite enough for the interlocutor, and all remain satisfied.

# 5

most important - natural and positive.It is necessary to learn not to apply to praise too seriously and treat them as a little pleasant surprise.Then you never have long to think about how to respond to a compliment."You are beautiful and interesting girl," "You look great today," "You have prepared a delicious dinner" - such phrases become an integral part of life and always will bring only positive emotions.