How to calculate the weight of the fetus ?Calculate the weight of the fetus by ultrasound

How to calculate the weight of the fetus ?Calculate the weight of the fetus by ultrasound
You will need:
  • tape measure
  • calculator
  • scales
  • protocols ultrasound
# 1

If the expectant mother does not trust the results of the ultrasound, it can independently calculate the weight of the fetus.It is important to remember that this is only the estimated weight of the baby.The weight of the fetus, of course, is quite an important indicator for doctors and moms and dads.Fetal weight changes every day and by the end of pregnancy averages 3300-3500 grams.This average statistical value of the baby weight, that is, virtually any child can gain less or more, if he is healthy and donoshen.

# 2

Calculate the weight of the fruit (VI) may be using several mathematical formulas.Single formula for giving 100% accurate results, today does not exist.In this regard, the results of the calculations are summed and the average value of fetal weight.In the above formulas the following abbreviations: A - abdominal girth mother;B - height of standing uterus;M - mass of the mother's body;R - Mother


# 3

Yagubova According to the formula: EP = (O + C) * 25.To measure the girth of the mother's abdomen should be measuring tape at the navel in the supine position when the bladder is emptied.The height of standing uterus is measured from the top of the womb to the uterus.

# 4

By the method of Jordania (Lebedev): EP = O * B.According to this method of fetal weight estimation is carried out by results of US.fetal weight by ultrasound allows you to calculate a special program that comes with the unit SPL.The formula by which the program expects the EP, based on empirical data, but it has a significant level of error.The minutes of the ultrasound examination is indicated how much weight the fruit.

# 5

According to Jones method: VP = (B - 12 or 11) * 155.The calculation using the number 11 as a circle on a wrist broken mother's hand is less than 16 cm, and 12 - if more.This calculation method allows to know the weight of the fetus in late pregnancy, when the amount of amniotic fluid is not critical.Moreover, the method is characterized by a minimum error in 400

# 6

Based Stroykova techniques, VP = ((M / E) - (G * B)) / 2, where I - is the body mass indexmother.So, if a pregnant weighs up to 51 kg, D = 15;if from 52 to 53 kg, then I = 16;at 54-56 kg, D = 17;if 57-62 kg, and the = 18;when 63-65 kg, D = 19;And at 66-73 kg = 20;if 74-81 kg, and the = 21;when the weight exceeds 82 kg, then D = 22).

# 7

To calculate the fetal weight using other methods.For example, the approach Bublichenko: VP = 1/20 M;method Lankowitz: VP = (R + M + O + B) * 10;Dobrovolsky formula: EP = (P - 96) * 0.5.If the calculation shows too much (little) of fetal weight, no need to worry.A preliminary calculation of the weight of the fruit is often wrong, the exact weight will be able to learn only after birth.