How to give vitamin D to the newborn child?

How to give vitamin D to the newborn child?
You will need:
  • Walking outdoors
  • Recommendations pediatrician
# 1

Vitamin D is very important in a period of growth, as the controls in the body of the child the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium,are required for normal bone development.Vitamin D is produced by exposure to the sun to the human skin, but in the cold season, when the sun is very small, can form a shortage of this vitamin in the child's body.Critical shortage of forms of vitamin D in children can cause serious disease - rickets.To compensate for the lack of sun in the autumn-winter season, pediatricians prescribe infants receiving prophylactic doses of artificially created vitamin D. It is now offered by pharmacists in two forms: oil (vitamin D2) solution and an aqueous solution (vitamin DZ).

# 2

In the case of pediatrician did not have any specific recommendations on this matter, it is better to opt for the use of water-based solution, because it is less toxic and easier to digest.Of course, it is best to consult wi

th your pediatrician about how to produce vitamin D3 for newborns, but the general principle of its use is as follows: Starting with the 4-5-th week of life, full-term (from the 2nd week premature) children give 1 drop (500 ME) once a day.Also important question is how to give vitamin D infants who are in an artificial or natural feeding.According to existing regulations currently "bottle-," do not need additional reception of vitamin D, as adapted in modern medical artificial mixtures and usually contains already necessary amount.

# 3

infants receiving their mother's milk, synthetic vitamin D intake is recommended, as it is believed that breast milk contains this vitamin in insufficient quantities.It is given to children in prophylactic doses during the cold season, taking a break from May to September, when the sun enough and additional reception needs no medicine.However, premature babies receive vitamin D is recommended for the entire year.It is worth noting that in recent years have been carried out to study the composition of breast milk, to prove that all the same vitamin D in the leading milk contains sufficient for normal development of newborn quantity.It is also important to know that unnecessary vitamin can lead to overdose, which manifests itself in the form of headaches, vomiting, weight loss and so on. D.

# 4

How to give vitamin D is about understandable, but is it worth it at all to give?If in the old days it was administered to all children in a row is called a "default", now many doctors are inclined to doubt on this score.There were opinions that this vitamin is required for the application is not for every child.If the child is not black or with dark skin;if he does not live in the northern parts of the country, and every day (even in winter) is a walk in the fresh air;if he is breastfed, and his mother's menu sufficiently present products with vitamin D;if the child does not show signs of rickets initial stage, it is likely that the need for additional drug prevention absent.

# 5

thing is that it is enough to visit the child, even in the winter sun at least an hour a day to make vitamin D in the body began to form.If the child lives in the southern latitudes of the sun rich, the problem of vitamin D deficiency may fall off by itself.The pediatrician can always advise how to give the baby vitamin D, but the final decision on this issue should always be for parents.Who else but they are the best known and loved of the individual child, and therefore will make the decision carefully, weighing all the pros and cons.