How to massage your newborn child ?

How to massage your newborn child ?
You will need:
  • soft but elastic surface
  • Good mood baby
  • massage skills
# 1

appearance of the baby in the house - it's beautiful and touching moment.From that moment all the attention, care and free time will accrue only to him.Every mother is afraid to do something wrong in the care of the newborn, therefore, feels a sense of fear and insecurity.One of the most common fears is the way to carry out massages crumbs with small, but very beautiful eyes.Massage - it is extremely useful and necessary procedure for the baby.He has a positive effect on digestion crumbs, emotional side, bears relaxing properties and develops motor skills and activity.In addition, regular massage treatments effectively enhance the immune system of the newborn, because this fact is very important in the first months of his life.

# 2

Massage should be done daily.An experienced specialist can easily undertake such procedures in a convenient time for parents.However, massage services are not always easy to use a

nd require little material costs.How, then, do yourself a massage a small miracle, and at the same time to do everything exactly right?Before the massage procedure, you must perform the warm-up and prepare the crumbs.Kid must be put back in a soft but resilient surface.Next, you need to take the handle with one hand crumbs, and the second to make light movements.Stroking can be done only by the wrists to the shoulders of (different direction is not allowed).Such actions should be repeated five times for each hand.After that, the crumbs will have to turn on his tummy and repeat the massage with the back of the hand.

# 3

These manipulations allow the baby to relax and remove muscle tone.Before you understand how to do massage novorozhdennomuneobhodimo remember one very important point.It is impossible to produce a massage if the baby cries or behaves stress.The procedures can be performed only if the crumbs of "good" mood, and he gives no signs of anxiety.Massage should be fun and benefit the baby, rather than negative emotions.After the workout, you can safely proceed to massage yourself.Little need to turn over on his back and take him a tiny foot in his hand.Lightly massage strokes should be shin, front and back of the legs from the bottom to the top.The knee joint is no need to massage.

# 4

Little feet should be given special attention.You can draw on the delicate skin of the foot, to make clicking your fingers.It is important in a circular motion "dent" Padin foot.The procedure is repeated on each leg.Massage the abdomen is responsible for digestion and mood.It allows you to get rid of cramps and bloating.Palm of the hand should be ironed baby's tummy in a clockwise direction.It is necessary to change the hand with the back of his hand.We also need a warm-up oblique muscle departments tummy crumbs.For this workout you need to move the rib Fortunately hands in the area of ​​the spine and the navel.Avoid pressing on the liver area (at the right side edge).Spot massaging the area around the umbilical cord promotes rapid healing of the umbilical wound.

# 5

To properly learn how to massage, you can visit the open spaces of the Internet.There you can find all the answers to the question of how to massage the newborn, video tutorials and audio.Finally, massage the baby lay on his tummy and gently stroke back and buttocks from the neck to the buttocks.Particular attention is paid to the back and spine.It should be easy to combine acupressure, gentle stroking and rubbing.Such actions help strengthen the spine and musculoskeletal system.Massage procedure most useful for the whole organism.Can long list all the advantages of massage.But when the conversation turned to massage for a newborn, you should be aware of some parts of the body, which can not use the massage: the elbow;muscle depression;groin;armpits;popliteal cups;spine.

# 6

bathing - it is certainly a completely separate issue, but it is most closely connected with the massage.For total relaxation and movement activity crumbs better bathe in the adult bath.To do this, there are special devices: a circle on the neck, caps and vests.In the "free floating" baby given complete freedom for the activity.Water treatments - is the perfect time for a massage.While bathing should push, move, flounder, legs and arms waving kid (most importantly no sudden movements).Baby from birth is able to make a start from the feet bath beads.If he still does not understand, it is worth supporting and helping him to understand it.Water - is the native element of the newborn, so you should use this fact for the benefit and development of the baby.